Nintendo Dishes On November 3DS Update

Next month, Nintendo will be releasing a big update for the 3DS. Today, the Kyoto-based game maker discussed what is in store. With the update, it will become possible to transfer batches of data from one 3DS to another.

The Nintendo 3DS will also be getting a 3D camera, something that has already been mentioned. It will be possible to shoot up to 10 minutes of 3D footage with the camera.

What's more, the 3DS is getting stop-motion photography, so 3DS owners to make their own stop-motion masterpieces. This is a very cool addition, indeed.

StreetPass is also getting an update that includes a map for those Miis you meet via StreetPass. "Find Mii", the Mii mini-game, is getting a sequel, too.

Image: Kotaku Japan


    "The Nintendo 3DS will also be getting a 3D camera"

    Wow, another one??

      I would comment that it was probably meant to be '3D video camera' but this is a bashcraft article after all.

      No-one reads bashcraft, not even the Kotaku proof-readers

    Really can't wait for 3D video recording, messaging service will be good!

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