Nintendo Is Working On "New Genres" For The 3DS

One of the big reasons Nintendo's DS handheld sold so well was the fact it introduced all kinds of different types of games. Like Brain Training, or Nintendogs. So it's little surprise the company is looking to do the same thing with the 3DS.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has revealed that "we are...working on new genres of software that may attract people who are not particularly interested in video games". Drawing on the examples of games like Brain Training and Wii Fit, Iwata hopes that these new genres can "provide meaningful surprises to the public by taking advantage of the company's position of being able to make new proposals that integrate both hardware and software, and of its ability to develop products that can be accepted by a wide variety of consumers, irrespective of age, gender or past gaming experience."

Spearheading these "new genres" will be "new software titles" that Nintendo hopes to release in the next fiscal year (which begins in April 2012).

That means brand new Nintendo titles! At the very least, it'll be interesting seeing what the company can come up with now that it's back is to the wall for the first time in nearly a decade. New genres are lovely and all, but new IP would be lovelier.

Semi-Annual Financial Results Briefing [Nintendo]


    No no no, started reading with such hope for new games I'd be interested in. Ended reading being reminded why Nintendo is in this predicament

    'Little surprise they're looking to do the same with the 3DS' I should freakin' hope so, considering what a total debacle that console has been thus far. I also sincerely hope they're also doing it in the best interestes of the brand and not because of flagging profits.

    Maybe the console I spent $500 odd bucks on at launch might get used for something other than street pass related activities.

    Nintendo presents two new genres for the 3DS

    Headaches and Eye Strains

    I'm hoping they'll start to introduce a few more titles for people who ARE interested in video games as well.

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