Nintendo Stops Printing Money

Yesterday, Japan's Nikkei estimated that over the past six months Nintendo has lost ¥100 billion ($1.25 billion). Today, Nintendo revealed its official figures, and... they're not quite that bad. The company instead has posted a loss of ¥70 billion ($875 million). Here's to silver linings!


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      Shame, the community is starting to draw in some real garbage.

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        Methinks it's the same guy that posted in the Mikey Neumann article and went by the Gears3 spoiler and Arkham City spoiler names.

    this should teach them not to release a new console with bloatware.

    The faster they get a new pokemon game out the better.

      You wrote that last sentence wrong. I'll fix it for you.

      "The faster they get a new pokemon game out that removes everything they've done after Gold/Silver/Crystal the better."

      There we go. Much better now that we're saying they should make the series good again instead of adding the most ridiculously stupid ideas this side of Twilight.

        You wrote your whole post wrong. I'll fix it for you.

        "I like how the Call of Duty games have been increasingly streamlining the options available for your perks/load out and generally providing a 'best in slot' option - it means I don't have to devise my own strategy. That's why I can't comprehend Pokemon."

        But seriously, if you can't grasp the core concepts being used in Pokemon past GSC you're in trouble, and if you're just not a fan of the changes/additions then nobody's forcing you to buy it - my suggestion would be to start not buying games you don't like.

          Hehe, you seem to think that Pokemon doesn't have a BiS option. When I made the mistake of trying to get into competitive play, it was pretty much Skarmory, Blissey, and whatever other Pokemon everyone agreed were the very best, like no one ever was. You played with those mons, or you got steamrolled.

            I disagree, I made my own team in D/P/P in uu which not only worked very well in that tier, but also in ou. Granted, a lot of predicting was needed haha. Gen V is different, with too many Pokemon being ridiculously overpowered and screwing the balance up hard.

    what the hell are they spending the money on?

      Novelty hats.

        Good idea. Free novelty hat with every Wii sold. That'll get them flying off shelves again!

    Maybe this will make them realise the Wii U is just another gimmick that won't work this time. I know plenty of people and including myself purely bought the wii because it was nintendo and the motion stuff was the new fad.

    We all now never touch it and the game releases etc are just a joke.

    They need a next gen console that ISN'T a gimmick and that pushes the boundaries of console gaming!!

      The problem with what you're saying, is something that 'pushes the boundaries of console gaming!!' will be different for everyone. Better graphics are a push, motion controls are a push, a tiny aerosol in the controller that sprays smells from that game is a push.

      But from another persons point of view, anything that isn't better graphics is a gimmick. Motion is a gimmick, touch screens are a gimmick, shoulder buttons are a gimmick.

      I guess what I'm really getting at is you have to ask yourself what boundaries you want to push to what end. What constitutes a push in boundaries? Sixaxis could be seen as a push, as could Wii and Kinect, but all that waggling about can scream gimmick to some gamers.

        Additionally, I don't see the onus being entirely on the head of the console dev. If the console is good but the games are shit then the boundary pushing gimmick in question can come off worse than it may have otherwise.

          Some points there ... Sheriff (?).

          But there's a little Nintendo apologism going on. The fact is they've ballsed it up. Ninty have always relied on first party software to drive their system (the odd Chrono game notwithstanding). They seem to have lost some of their magic in favour of gimmicks. As for the Wii U, the innovations are all fine but there really is no excuse for Xbox/PS3 graphics any more and the Wii U tablet is going to be dinky for sure.

          Alas Nintendo. I'll miss you.

    You know you've already posted a similar article right?
    Or does old 'Taku just feel like being negative?

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