Nintendo’s 3DS Circle Pad Coming To America In 2012

Nintendo’s 3DS Circle Pad Coming To America In 2012

The 3DS’ circle pad, a monstrosity so far seen only in Japan, will be released in the US in early 2012.

A Capcom representative has revealed that the attachment, which gives the Nintendo handheld a second thumbstick (well, circle pad), will be “available for use” with Resident Evil: Revelations, which is out in the US on February 7, 2012.

Since this was a Capcom representative and not an official Nintendo statement, there was no word on pricing or bundle options for the peripheral. We’re checking with Nintendo on this, and will update if we hear back.

Second Circle Pad Will Be Available for Resident Evil: Revelations [NintendoWorldReport]


  • Who cares how stupid this thing looks, if it makes an already awesome ‘looking’ game like revelations play just as well, I’ll definitely pick one up.

    • I know, people are so quick to judge on face value, at least try the damn thing when it comes out before deciding whether its good or bad.

    • Isn’t a second circle pad all that is stopping the 3DS from being a Wii-U controller? I’m viewing this as an add on that will let you use it as such instead of having to buy extra Wii U pads at huge prices.

    • It’s quite simple. Nintendo release a purposefully borked device, people buy it. They create an unborking peripheral and say “so and so games will play better with it” and so you buy that too. Eventually most games will require it, around the same time the 3DSi gets released with the extra circle pad and buttons.

      • Not really, because people (as evident here) get shitty over things like this. It damages Nintendo’s reputation, and does more harm in the long run than if it had been implemented in the first place.

    • it can supposedly play with one circle pad but considering they are basically releasing this thing for Monster hunter, I dont see the reason for playing with one.

      Also this is Nintendo, we most likely wont see this circle pad to 2013, Because you know shipping to Australia takes a long time according to Nintendo.

    • I would have read the statement from the Capcom representative as saying that the accessory will be released no later than that date. If it was released earlier, then it would still be available for the launch of that Resident Evil game.

      It could be that this is the actual release date for the accessory, but the statement gives a fair bit of wiggle room.

  • I dont get why people are cing down on this so hard.
    If they had put it out with a second circlepad, it would have ended up bigger and would have been bagged out for it.
    As it is, it makes holding the handheld more comfortable while being removable and unobtrusive for fitting in a pocket.

    • So when you detach the circle pad so the 3DS fits in your pocket does the circle pad dissapears? Is it like the trailer on Optimus Prims that way? :p

      Tell us more about how convinient this thing is I’m enthralled.

      Out of curiosity you didn’t have to defend Nindendo’s choice of the name ‘Wii’ when it was announced or talk up the fact that it was awesome that the Gamecube didn’t support DVD’s mmmmm?

    • you say that “while being removable and unobtrusive for fitting in a pocket” yea you remove it, the 3DS now sits in your pocket, but what about the pad itself, its too big to fit in your pocket unless wearing cargo pants, so you statment becomes void since you forgot about the accessory itself, so unless you have a bag nearby or willing to carry the 3DS the circle pad extension makes it even more un portable. The PSVita isn’t any better, that thing is just too long i would assume for the average pocket.

  • i just lost any concern about this article and switched to nostalgia mode when i saw the picture on the bottom screen

  • Thanks for the info on the date (I don’t think anyone’s surprised for a 2012 release).

    I take issue with the insults on the device, though. There’s a little bit too much bias against the circle pad on here. It ain’t great looking, but I don’t think passive aggressive asides are necessary.

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