Nintendo's "Circle Pad" Peripheral Gets A (Slightly) Different Name In The West

In Japan, the new second-thumbstick add-on for the Nintendo 3DS is simply called the "Circle Pad Expansion". Not very exciting, but it at least gets the point across.

In the West, though, it looks like it'll have a different name. A trademark filing from Nintendo in Japan has revealed that the peripheral's name in places like the US and Europe will be likely be the "Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Pro".

The Pro? What happened to the "Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Standard Edition"?

Nintendo 3DS Circle Pad Attachment Dubbed "Circle Pad Pro" For The West? [Siliconera]


    so... 3DS product revision will be called "3DS Pro"?

    Whatever the name is, I shall simply refer to it as "that thing". If I feel the need to refer to it at all.

    Seems much simpler.

      You could get real technical and be all "That extra thumb controller thingy" :P

      Think I'll call it "the monstrosity".

      "Thing which must not be named"

        I'll call it the 'Sony'. In honor of their mistake with the psp.

    Still hoping the extra circle pad will make the 3DS compatible as an extra Wii-U controller. Would make it much cheaper if you just bought a clip on attachment for something you already owned instead of shelling out hundreds for another nPad.

    The Circle Pad is just more evidence that the 3DS was rushed. I am wondering what happened to all that money they made on the Wii, the Wii Fit and the DS.

    Awkward attempt to juxtapose it with the Classic Controller Pro?

    This is a dead parrot.

    The fact that this exists is disturbing. What evil now lurks in the halls of Nintendo?

    What a waste
    1. They should have had the second thumb pad day 1 for 3DS.
    2. Ok there may have been nothing they could have done, but come on make it connect to the 3DS so it can supply it with power and have a pedometer for charging.

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