No More Heroes Coming To Smartphones

Grasshopper Manufacture is working on a smartphone version of No More Heroes, Marvelous AQL have announced. Marvelous, who own the IP to No More Heroes, also announced three other titles coming to mobile platforms by renowned developers Keiji Inafune, Noritaka Futamizu and Yuji Naka.

Grasshopper Manufacture founder Goichi "Suda 51" Suda said that the controls of No More Heroes will be reworked so that it functions with a touchscreen. There will also be co-op and competitive modes and new characters and weapons.

Intercept and Comcept founder Keiji Inafune, formerly a Capcom producer, confirmed that his company will be developing a new game called JJ Rockets for the Android and iOS, while another former Capcom producer, Noritaka Futamizu, said that his company, Craft & Meister, will be developing a game called Combo Kimaru.

Yuji Naka, former head of Sega's Sonic Team, said that his studio Prope is working on a new social role-playing game called Buddy Monster. Players control an avatar that rides atop a monster to hunt down prey in large game areas.

All these games are being developed for both iOS and Android phones.



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