No Valkyria Chronicles 3 For Western Market

No Valkyria Chronicles 3 For Western Market

[imgclear] Fans of the Valkyria Chronicles will be disappointed to hear that poor sales and the unpopularity of the PSP in Europe and the US means that Valkyria Chronicles III will not be localised for Western markets.

The original Valkyria Chronicles, released on the PS3, was a critical darling and received praise for its refreshing approach to the strategy RPG and beautiful art style. The follow-up, Valkyria Chronicles II, was released on the PSP and was also a critical success. However, it did not fair very well commercially.

During a recent interview in Singapore, Sega’s team manager of console sales, Hiroshi Seno, confirmed that the game would not be localised due to the PSP platform not being popular and well liked in North America and Europe. He also added that Valkyria Chronicles II did not sell enough copies to justify the localisation costs.

Valkyria Chronicles III sold 102,779 units in its first week in Japan. SEGA is yet to decide whether the game will be made available for download on the upcoming PlayStation Vita.

Valkyria Chronicles not coming to US or Europe [GameSpot]


    • The released the second game on PSP because the first game didn’t sell well enough.

      They decided thet the PSP was more widespread (In Japan, at least) and was cheaper to develop for.

      Just business sense.

      • What about OUTSIDE Japan?

        So VC didn’t sell too much in general, so the best idea is to save money by releasing it on a console that the current fanbase won’t just jump on? and expect better sales?

        I’d like to hear about all those Japanese PSP owners who were crying so hard that they wanted to play VC but couldn’t because they didn’t have a PS3.

        Monster Hunter is so successful on PSP because it started on PSP.

    • Pretty much what Dr What said. The PSP is the most popular gaming device in Japan. It’s quite the opposite of asking to fail… in Japan.

      Either way, this news ruined my day, I adore this series. 🙁

    • Get fucked because they stand to lose considerable amounts of money if they release it here??

      You know what – i totally agree with you – now i’m off to spend all my money buying snow to sell to Eskimo’s

      • I don’t think you get it ‘loops!

        They should have made VC2 on PS3 so no one would buy it and Sega would lose money, like they did with Valkyria Chronicles!

        But a few people would have been happy.

        Then they could release VC3 on PS3 too before going completely bankrupt and closing up shop.

        Someone might even have bought it!

        Stupid Sega!

        • Valkyria Chronicles got a second print run in Europe. It sold well above expectations.

          Small companies like NIS America, XSeed etc can turn a profit off the PSP selling extremely niche games, but Sega can’t do it off an established franchise with much greater potential.

          On the upside, they haven’t closed the door to this, just said it won’t be released in English on the PSP – there’s still an outside chance for a Vita version probably. But this is Sega. Sega love to sit on games until it’s too late. Look at Sakura Taisen. 🙁 Or the fact they canned the PS2 release of Skies of Arcadia to stop it cannibalizing the sales of the Gamecube Port. :\

          The biggest shame is that they spent all that time and money developing the beautiful Canvas engine for VC1 on the PS3, then threw it away. Imagine one of their other franchises running in the same style, like say, Skies of Arcadia or Shining.

          • IIRC.. from what NISA mentioned a while back Sony NA was also partly to blame for the Sakura Taisen PSP remake not making it out of Jp.

            Some stupid policy of not allowing “straight” ports of Jp to English unless the rerelease in US has “more content”.

            Either way… just another reason for me to really brush up my Jp xD

          • Multiple US companies (eg Atlus) had been trying to get Sakura Taisen off of Sega since way back when the first one was released on the Saturn. Sega wouldn’t let them have it, even though they had no intention to ever do them themselves because there was apparently no market for the games in the West.

            There’s no reason for Sony to cockblock a translated release of a game. The ‘extra feature’ is being able to play it in English 😛

  • I’m pretty disappointed by this as I loved Valkyria Chronicles. Bringing it to the PSP was a bad move. Not bringing it back to the PS3 is the worst move.

    Ahhhhhh well.

  • I was a late comer to Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3 but absolutely loved it! Then bitterly disappointed when i found out there was not going to be any trophy support for VC1 and that VC2&3 were PSP exclusives.

    • I heard about this apparent brick wall after I finished the game and went back to check exactly which mission everyone was talking about. I didn’t think it was particularly hard. Like most games, it just required you apply the lessons you learn from preceding failures.

  • So basically they’re punishing us for their woefully bad decision to move it to the PSP after the first game?

  • I honestly doubt anyone played anyone played games. I havent met anyone that has even heard of them. I would be surprised if they sold many in the Western market.

  • Operation Rainfall Mark II – GO!

    Actually I’ve never played any of the Valkyria Chronicles games… But its still a shame that games don’t get released in certain regions.

  • Well when you release a game exclusively on PSP how well do you expect it to sell? I mean I guess you could sell it to BOTH people who own a PSP, but that’s asking a fair bit.

  • This is such a disappointment… If the second game were on the PS3, I would’ve bought it instantly after finishing the VC1. I didn’t want to buy a whole new system just to play one game.

    To anybody who hasn’t played it yet, I couldn’t recommend it more. Don’t let the anime-style hold you back if you’re not into that kind of thing (Several of my friends refuse to play it solely based on this…).

  • The God of War PSP games were recently ported to PS3 as a pack. Maybe there’s a chance Sega will release all 3 VC’s as a pack. Unlikely but i can still dream.

    • Here here, that’s exactly what I came to post. I really hope so, I’m currently half way through VC1 on PS3, it’s not only a beautiful game, it’s got a great story and an awesome game mechanic to boot. It’s like RTS Advance Wars.

  • Well bugger. Valkyria Chronicles 3 looked like a return to form after the pile of high-school Anime drivel and poorly designed, repetitive missions that was VC2. And we don’t get it? God damnit Sega (although I do understand why)!

    • This was pretty much my thought process as well. I loved the shit out of VC1, bought the sequel from Ozbargain and thought that for the most part… it was pretty good!

      What I absolutely hated was how JRPG/anime it was. All the characters were anime stereotypes turned up to 11 with the… dark-haired, silent badass, the clumsy schoolgirl, the Tidus-esque happy-go-lucky protagonist. And it had none of the decent voice acting from VC1 to carry it (Avan’s: AHA!-Aha-aha-ha! had me playing the game on silent).

      Oh and while UMDs are considerably less capacity than Blu-Rays, they still found space to shove in the obligatory swimsuit FMV. In short, love the gameplay, loathe the characters/lore. Maybe not releasing VC3 was a blessing in disguise.

  • I still don’t know why sony hasn’t just made psp games compatible with the ps3…

    Sure, they may look pretty dodgy but if they just ran at a higher resolution they’d be fine.

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