Nobody Cares About Your Stupid FarmVille Movie

Nobody Cares About Your Stupid FarmVille Movie

Just in time for everyone who has stopped playing FarmVille, Hollywood is working on a cinematic version of FarmVille.

In a recent interview with IGN, Toy Story writers Alec Sokolow and Joel Cohen hinted that they are working on a FarmVille flick. From the interview:

We’re in conversations with Zynga to do something with one of their brands. Can’t really say too much on that front yet, but ‘Old MacDonald’ didn’t have a factory, if you get our drift.

Subtle! Zynga makes FarmVille, but would not comment on the unannounced FarmVille film when asked by IGN.

Toy Story earned both Sokolow and Cohen an Oscar nomination–and rightly so. It’s a terrific film. Their nine other films–such as Garfield, Evan Almighty, and Daddy Day Camp–weren’t.

Hey, one out of 10 isn’t so bad!

Scoop: Toy Story Scribes May Pen Farmville Film [IGN Thanks, Becky!]


  • /facepalm

    Along with this and hearing rumours of Russell Brand being Drop Dead Fred in the remake I’m not sure if I can stand aside anymore and let hollywood execs continue to live and breath.

    • Rumour has it that if you watch it for free it takes a month but if you buy a ticket to see it then you can knock it out in a fortnight. If you’re rolling in money though you can pay $5 every 10 minutes and it’ll be finished in 90.

  • Now its a personal pet peeve for how the movie industry lacks creativity and is mostly just churning out reboots left, right, and center. But after this announcement, I guess they actually could be doing worse.

  • OMG, a FarmVille movie, really? I’ve stopped playing it a couple of months ago. Oh, these years of FarmVille addiction! I’ve spent so many paysafecards on this game, geez… But everything comes to an end afterwards.
    Thanks god I still can use my paysafecard rests on other fresh-blooded Facebook games.
    But a FarmVille movie! What are they going to put in the plot?

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