Now This Is A Wii U Game We'd Like To See

We've seen glimpses of its potential, but here's an idea for a Wii game that takes the unique controller's augmented reality capabilities and just runs with them.

Note that it's not a real game. It's not a teaser from Metal Slug creators SNK, and it's not a trailer for an actual product. It's just an idea! But if someone can do something even remotely approaching this on the Wii U, that would be just grand.

Terrific Metal Slug Augmented Reality Concept [GameSetWatch]

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    Yes times infinity.
    I imagine you would need something like the 3DS card system to "anchor" your playfield but that just adds possibilities for cards that spawn turrets or walls so you could create your own battleground.

    Oh wow, they're stealing Kotaku AU's content. Might have to DMCA them, eh?

      glad to see I'm not the only one who noticed

      I saw the title and thought "wow this looks familiar, I thought I'd seen this on kotaku, but it must have been somewhere else". Nope.

    These capabilities already exist. There was an article about a month back on it, for the PS Vita and its Augmented Reality. I believe the game's title was called '' Reality Fighters'' or something of that nature. It was basically exactly the same principle only it was an arcade fighting game in the vein of Soul Caliber.

      If I remember correctly, using the PS Vita, you took photos of anywhere you likes, such as a beach or even your kitchen, and then uploaded the particular photo into the game, and it used the photo as a platform but cleverly gave it an in depth 3-D dimension that allowed the players to interact with the 2-D environment as if it were real.

        Yeah this is a concept about not needing to take a picture to do it...

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