NVIDIA Shows Off A PC Batman: Arkham City Worth Waiting For

NVIDIA Shows Off A PC Batman: Arkham City Worth Waiting For

While console players are busy exploring everything Batman: Arkham City has to offer, PC gamers have to wait until November 15 to don the cape and cowl. NVIDIA gives them something to look forward to with a video showing off how PhysX makes with the dust and clutter.

The video shows off a more properly trashed Arkham City, with papers strewn about, sparks showering the ground, and dust rising with every impact of Batman’s gauntleted fist. Of particular note is the ice particles flying off Mr Freeze’s freeze ray, a striking contrast to the non-PhysX-enabled version of the game.

As an added bonus, NVIDIA also provided a teasing screen of Catwoman posing in an environment enhanced by DirectX 11 tessellation, just one of many extra features available for those with a graphics card capable of handling it. I almost feel bad for playing the Xbox 360 version now. Almost.

Exclusive: PhysX In Batman: Arkham City – A First Look [GeForce.com]


  • I’m torn. I can currently get Arkham Asylum and Arkham City from Steam for $49 (until the Arkham Asylum sale finishes tomorrow), or I can get Arkham City on 360 for $60 from the UK (Don’t mind waiting as I won’t be able to play it for a few weeks as it is). I own Arkham Asylum on 360 already.

    While the price might be obvious, my PC is located in the furthest end of my house without aircon, yet my 360 is in the only airconditioned room. My computer room gets rediculously hot in the summer, even more so once you start pumping the heat out of my GTX 580.

    So my dilemma is good looks, cheaper with a potential inability to play due to the heat, or a less good looking,more expensive version, but a comfortable couch and air con to play it.

    • What… you keep your PC in the room without aircon? You realise that is incredibly bad for the computer, right?

  • How about some news about what DRM it’s going to use, exactly? Steam has it listed using GFWL, Steamworks AND Securom.

      • Previous one didn’t use Steamworks. So I’m trying to understand how they’re going to reconcile using competing achievement and online community frameworks simulataneously.

  • The video doesn’t even compare consoles to pc.
    Not sure how a few extra bits of paper and smoke make the game radically different.
    Does it have better textures or something?

    • It doesn’t compare any specific console, but on the left is without PhysX, that’s comparable to a console (PS3, Xbox 360) in physics features.

      Have you dropped a smoke pellet in the game yet? Notice how it’s just a mess of grey, then disappears when you run too far away? That’s without PhysX.

      Naturally even a good old 8800 GT makes this game look better than consoles, with the higher resolution. I’m really hoping for higher resolution textures for PC, though. After the disappointment of Rage, I’m really fixing for some high res gaming.

  • Why compare a 8800GT with Physx off and a GTX 560 with it on, rather than a GTX 560 with it off and a GTX 560 with it on? Aren’t they deliberately trying to exaggerate the difference by playing the game on not only a card with PhysX turned off, but one that’s also inferior in terms of geometry and textures?

    • The 8800GT is still a pretty decent card for something like this. I think what they wanted to do was try to simulate a console environment without pointing to either console.

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