OK, This Minecraft Vs Elder Scrolls Thing Is Getting Silly

OK, This Minecraft Vs Elder Scrolls Thing Is Getting Silly

So the owner of the Elder Scrolls trademark is taking Minecraft developer Mojang to court, saying the latter’s upcoming game Scrolls should be called something else. Bad words ensue. And now silly screenshots.

Minecraft creator Markus “Notch” Persson has just posted a work-in-progress screenshot for his game, and it’s got…a dragon. You know, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the other game at the centre of this whole mess, has dragons. In fact, it’s all about dragons.

Shame nobody owns the rights to the word dragon. Then somebody could take somebody else to court!

Markus Persson [Twitter]


  • i like how Notch clearly thinks the whole thing is stupid, and he’s just being a smartass posting this picture. Thumbs up 🙂

  • You know Notch has talked about putting Dragons in Minecraft for ages, right? Like, early this year or late last year, maybe even further back.

    Thinking this is purely a shot at the lawsuit is stupid.

    • Notch offered to rename the game to not just be called “Scrolls” but some derivative of such as “Scrolls: blahblah” etc. but they still pushed the law suit.

  • To whom it may concern:

    We direct your attention to the article this comment is on. Please cease and decist using the word “Dragon” as it is a clear attempt to gain monetary rewards from my clients brand, “All Things Dragon”.

    If you must refer to a “dragon”, please use the alternative we provide, “flight-capable lizard (which may or may not breathe fire)” as a replacement in your articles; past, current and future.

    Sincerely yours,
    An overpaid solicitor
    WeSue4U and Associates.

  • Proves that the underdog is not without it’s inflammatory attitude. More importantly it’s pretty funny.

    My initial fanboiness lead me to kind of side with Bethesda. In retrospect I like them because “notch” honestly comes off as a bit of a pratt.

    They shouldn’t sue him for that though.

  • So for anyone who isn’t entirely sure about this whole debacle, Nathaniel is right, Notch filed for the trademark name ‘Scrolls’ in a huge way.

    This might have been solely the over-zealous wording on the part of Notch’s lawyer, but it means that in the future Notch – or more realistically a bigger name/brand/company – could challenge Bethesda/Zenimax for having the name ‘Scrolls’ in their titles. This puts them and their Elder Scrolls brand in a dangerous position, and suing Notch is a defensive measure to stop that from happening. Yes, it’s silly, but it’s a silliness that’s required because of how trademark law works.

    Not really any bad guys in this situation (even if Notch is behaving a bit immaturely about something so serious), just a bunch of people trying to protect their creative interests =o] Hope that clears things up a bit.

  • The situation as I see it
    Notch: Hey lets call this new game SCROLL’s you know, because all good Medevilesq games need scrolls
    Random Zenimax Lawyer: That could be a problem for us actually Notch
    Notch: Not if I inform Twitter
    Random Zenimax Lawyer: Actually don’t do that,its childish
    Notch looking suspiciously like he’s just posted something on Twitter: You guys like quake right?
    Random Zenimax Lawyer: Ok if you’re not taking this seriously we’ll do this properly
    Notch looking a bit worried: Ok lets get on Twitter and make out like they’re being unreasonable
    Pete Hines: Must resist urge to fight back outside of legal department
    Notch while making dragons: Pokey Pokey Pokey, this should really piss them off

    About 7 months later
    Notch from unemployment office: Yeah I probably shouldn’t of done that

    • What shouldn’t he of done? Shouldn’t he of reacted in a rational way to stupidity? Or should he of ignored them? What else should he of done? Or not of done?

  • I just realized… this “Notch” ruffian is creating a /computer game/!!!! What the hell!!? Just like Elder Scrolls! Who does he think he is? I truly hope this individual at the very least is not “eating” and “breathing” like the creators of Elder Scrolls do!! Imagine the nerve!

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