One Giant Arcade Machine, But It Isn't The World's Biggest

This big-arse arcade machine stands 3.35m tall. It would require quarters 8.89cm in diameter. The trackball is 11.43cm wide. The screen is 73 inches. The whole thing is about 2.2x bigger than a standard arcade machine.

It was built by the madmen at who create custom cabinets and are showing this monstrosity at New York Comic Con all weekend at the Jacob Javits centre. Would you believe this isn't the biggest one they made? They've got a 4.2m one back at their headquarters and want to go even bigger.

Insane, guys. But, hey, it made me feel like a kid again!


    That's rather cool, though the whole clip had me singing "Come on Eileen".

    So Attack of the Show doesn't hold the record any more?

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