One Hour With World Of Warcraft's Pandaren Monk

Join me as I go on a mystical journey on the back of a giant turtle, learning the ways of the new Monk class, the ways of the Pandaren race, and how strange it is to play a melee character in World of Warcraft without an auto attack.

Blizzard may take forever to finish their games, but when they announce one they make damn sure they've got something playable to show for it. That's how I got my paws on one of Mists of Pandaria's Pandaren Monk for an hour this morning at BlizzCon 2011.

I've often said the journey of a thousand kilometres begins with character creation, and in the case of the Pandaren demo at BlizzCon that's a very limited beginning. Since female pandas are currently just male pandas with labels over their heads that say "I'm a Girl", the only real option I had was deciding my Monk's name. Eager to get into the action, I chose my default trade show MMO character name.

Crecente the panda came to life in the Pandaren starting zone of The Wandering Isle, so named because it's built on top of a gigantic turtle. The first thing I did was type '/dance'. Sadly, nothing happened.

The Monk class starts with two skills at level one. Jab is a basic attack that uses the regenerating Chi resource, the Monk equivalent of Rogue energy. Using Jab generates light and dark energy, represented as four dots on either side of an Asian dragon-styled interface element. These dots are used to power advanced martial arts techniques, like the second starting skill, Tiger Palm, a more damaging attack.

These skills are put to the test during my second quest (the first merely involved fetching a pair of handwrap fist weapons from a rack), in which I was tasked with beating up some training dummies. I walked up to one, clicked it, and nothing happened.

Oh yeah, no auto attack. How odd.

Where other melee World of Warcraft characters can simply click on an enemy to automatically begin attacking, the Monk can only initiate an attack by using a skill or ability. It feels odd at first, but later in the demo I began to get skills that helped shed light on the reasoning behind the choice. Around level four or five I earned a darkness-fuelled kicking skill that replenished a point of dark power if I killed an enemy with it. That's a task made much easier when you don't have to worry about an auto attack futzing with your rhythm. I imagine Monk players will be extremely busy during combat as they get up in levels; at least the good ones will.

A series of quests led me across a distinctly Asian-flavoured land, filled with serene majestic temples, mystical caverns, calm, tranquil waters and monkey creatures that jump on your back for no damn reason.

No, seriously, I was on a quest to repel monkey-creature invaders from a village and one of the monkeys leapt onto my back, clinging to me as I killed his companions. For one brief, shining moment I was a panda with a monkey on his back, and I understood the mystical balance of all things.

The balance of all things plays a large part in this opening story, steeped in ancient wisdom, focused on the spiritual and the elemental. It was at once familiar and foreign. One moment I was performing a standard gather X number of Y quest, the next I was battling other Monk students while balanced on wooden poles, or chasing the Spirit of Water across a pond, playing tag.

Or fighting the most adorable little bunny creatures away from a farmer's carrots. I really wish I had a picture of these Vermind (I believe that's what they were called). They're the next Murlocs, mark my words.

The familiar and foreign theme carries over to the Monk class as well. With their Chi energy and the light and dark dot mechanic they felt like Rogues initially, only with outrageous rolling about instead of stealth. Once I earned the Flying Tiger Kick, the Monk version of a Warrior's Charge skill, I began to see how they might function as a tank.

Unfortunately the choice between healing, DPS and tanking (as well as Alliance or Horde) doesn't happen until level 10, and I had to stop at seven.

There is much promise here, in this ancient Asian land, where the pop culture references turn from sci-fi fantasy to kung fu movies and comic book martial artists; where the battle between the Alliance and the Horde isn't as important as the battle for inner peace and tranquility.

I feel sad, knowing that war will soon spill over into this untouched land, but I get the impression Crecente the Panda Monk will be able to handle anything they throw at him.



    I generally subscribe once a year to wow for the summer holidays. I'm looking forward to this.

    Scenarios and the "no auto-attack" seem to be a stab at GW2 though.

    i like the fact they are branching out, going back to exploring the world and stuff though. Dunno if i'll play a pandaren monk though.

    this is definately a massive pr thing to get old players in though. Pandaren have been wanted for years!

    No Auto Attack vs Australian Latency.

      Oh my, I completely forgot about this.

        Australian Latency vs NBN, hopefully.

          NBN doesn't make a difference if the servers are still based in California and data still needs to travel across the Pacific.

      PVP will be an absolute bitch, but PVE will be fine ( games playable upto 700ms, anything over that and it becomes futile)

    So will they get the Five Pointed Palm Exploding Heart move?




      No, The rest of the world also thinks this is Warcraft suicide.

      As an ex WoW player im finding i have to hold my tongue a bit, but yes, this is f***ing stupid. Illidan was badass. Lich king and undead = badass. dragons? bit overdone, but still badass. pandas? they should have left them back in wc3 where they belong. I got sucked back into WoW for a few months when cata came out, this wont happen again, i have no interest whatsoever in this expansion, bring on diablo 3 baby!

      The lack of an antagonist in any form is more than disturbing.

      Also related:

    Is this a joke? i mean the trailer was a joke right?

    Really bummed at everyone bagging out Pandarens.

    I've been waiting for this since the WoW beta.

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