One More Chance To Get Into The Diablo III Beta

Did you miss out on a Diablo III beta key? Until December 12 you still have a chance to win a beta key by entering Blizzard's Diablo III competition on their Facebook page.

Blizzard are giving away 2,000 beta keys, with every fourth winner receiving two passes so that they can invite a friend. To enter, all you have to do is visit the Diablo Facebook page and follow them to go into a weekly draw where 150 winners will be chosen each Tuesday. The full list of terms and conditions can be read here.

[Game Informer and Diablo III Facebook page]


    You have to be from the EU or North America, it doesn't like Australians. Which makes me super sad-face.

    Of course, you could just lie about your location...

      Oh man, you're right! I had a glance and must have mis-read "Austria" as "Australia". Woe. :( Does lying about your location actually work with these things...?



          Hi my name is Ponton, and I live in the United Kingdom >_>

            Me too, in the harsh hot far north west of england where the dirt is red and we have these giant rats that hop around on their hind legs.

            Quite bizarre old chap. Tally ho.

        If anyone from Blizzard asks, I'm from Kansas.

    Where did that picture come from?
    It's glorious!

      It's what the Blizzard employees wore on a shirt to the Blizzcon after D3 was announced.

      I have a t-shirt with that print on it. You can buy it online! I got mine from around two years ago.

        It doesn't seem to be available there anymore.


      When Diablo 3 first showed gameplay footage, a lot of people complained it wasn't dark enough, there wasn't enough brown covering everything and that it wasn't raining and at night. So Blizzard made that image as a joke based on what people were complaining about.

        Well that's what they get for getting the Art Director from WoW to work on World of Diablocraft.

          oh my... must.. resist.. feeding.. troll... RAGHH DIABLO WILL DESTROY YOU ALL!!

    spewin, got to location and struck down with the oz hammer :(

    shame it's not open to Australians ...oh well back to daydreaming about the game

    Another problem. Facebook. I still refuse to sign up. I like to check on my friends the old fashioned way.

    If you guys have already previously signed up for the Beta on, make sure you log into your account periodically to check if you got in.

    Usually the email notification that is sent out is flagged as SPAM (and rightly so, there are a lot of scam emails going around at the moment).

    Had a friend not realise for a few weeks that he had got into the Beta, because he had relied solely on the email notification.

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