Origin Account Bans Threatened For Playing On Modded Battlefield 3 Beta Servers

Origin Account Bans Threatened For Playing On Modded Battlefield 3 Beta Servers

Pretty much anything involving the word “Origin” and “ban” has PC gamers on a hair-trigger, and news yesterday from Battlefield 3 developer DICE certainly won’t lower anyone’s blood pressure.

The server files for the game have leaked out. So now, during the game’s open beta, some servers have appeared with alterations to the game. That includes, as VE3D points out, hosting more than 100 players on Operation Metro, which is capped at 32.


So in response, DICE put up this notice (screencap via Reddit; the forum itself is visible only to beta participants). Basically, participating on these servers could result in a series of unfortunate events that get you banned from Origin. Banned from Origin = lose access to all your games on Origin.

Now, it can be read a couple of ways, but what it sounds like, to me, is they’re selling FUD about participating in these servers in the first place.

• “Playing on those servers can cause your account to become compromised”, the guy writes, because, what people hosting modified servers are going to hack your Origin account, too?

• Playing on these servers also can cause “stats to be altered or other issues to arise”. So that’s a big-old catch-all that furthers the idea that visiting these modified servers is a dangerous idea.

• “which may lead to having your account banned by EA”. So this threatens a ban without threatening a ban.

More or less they want to scare people the hell away from these servers without committing to any specific action, which will probably be reserved for those they identify as responsible. They’re in the process of doing that.

Oh, by the way, “If your account gets banned it does mean any EA game you have on your account would also be unavailable,” DICE reminds.

None of this sits well for law-abiding gamers (especially those screaming about it on Reddit) who feel like their accounts are being threatened unless they collaborate with The Man.

For those wondering, official servers are capped at 32 participants, play Operation Metro in RUSH mode. Anything running other configurations are verboten.

DICE Threatens To Ban Players Joining Modded Servers In Battlefield 3 [VE3D] Battlefield 3 server files leak, modded servers appear; DICE responds by stating that joining one may result in your entire Origin account being banned, losing access to all games on it [Reddit]


  • seems a bit stupid to ban peoples accounts over minor modifications (increased player limit); seems a case of EA letting its power go to its head.

      • Yeah, it does make sense, but banning your Origin account seems really harsh. Couldn’t they just ban your BF3 account instead? And also have an option to get it back without having to buy another copy of the game. Perhaps maybe having your account unbanned for free the first time (as a warning), then you have to pay $5-$10 for each unbanning afterwards.

        • Youd be amazed at how much money people/hackers are willing to put into a game (and not necessarily their money >__>). Giving them a way to get back into the game prob isnt a good idea.

        • Yes and no. Yes the points will be reset after the beta, but the point of the beta is to test if things like the xp system is working correctly. These people are braking the system, and are changing the result of the final product.

  • Hence why people shouldn’t put up with Origin. But whatever.

    Banning from BF3 servers I could understand. Banning your whole account? EA can F*** right off with that.

  • But will the open Beta XP accumulate to the final game? I thought everyones rank will get dropped back to zero?

    • it does get reset, but i think what they are trying to say here is that it won’t be tolerated in the full game (where you’ll see people complain “they let us do it in the beta, so why not the full game?”)

      Altough it does make sense that you have nothing to worry about if you dont do the wrong thing, having your whole account banned, and lose access to things you’ve purchased rightfully doesn’t sit right with me.

  • Custom servers arent too big an issue. Even in games like TF2, where hacked servers can give you a tonne of items, it doesnt make a difference to high-end play.

    Even if you can XP farm, XP farming doesnt take long in most shooters. You could do it in Cod4 in under a week. Once you hit max level and start playing with other high levels, the difference in skill will be obvious, and their hacking won’t have given them the giant edge.

    This is just EA being antsy about customization. It’s why Origin is going to lose the digital distribution war with Steam. I’m kidding! It already has.

    • Hacked servers still can’t give you a ton of items… The TF2 Item system runs on a separate server that can’t be touched by server mods.

      • You can farm the crap out of TF2, clearly you know nothing.

        search for “AFK farming servers TF2” in google, special “modded” maps which kill you repeatedly at spawn to farm items.

  • So banning Origin account prevents you from even playing your offline games? Games you have paid for and have no relevance to anything online? Sure, have at it EA.. enjoy more lawsuits.

  • This is EXACTLY the kind of shit I was worried would happen if I signed up for an Origin account and bought Battlefield 3 from it.

    I had originally said that I’d refuse to buy the game if it wasn’t available on Steam; it would appear my fears were well founded.

  • I don’t understand what you’re all complaining about. Don’t hack and you won’t have any problem.

    It’s really not that difficult.

    • Because in the pre-digital-download days, this would be the equivalent of saying “if you do something we don’t approve of (that might not even be illegal), we will come to your home and confiscate all your CDs and DVDs”.

      Even for people who have no intention of breaching the EULA for the service, it gives concern if they are going to invest significant money in licenses tied to their account. It is not unheard of for companies to make mistakes: see the stories about Microsoft reinstating wrongly banned Xbox Live accounts recently.

      • Another dumb person. Joining a server isnt hacking, its joining a server in a list on their battlelog.

        What if you get matchmaking auto-asign you to that server?

        What if a server in your favorites or that a team member joins you to is turned into a modded server?

        How about if the mods are applied during play?

        If its these “server mods” that are the problem then its the servers which should be delt with.

        Ofc, back when games companies where not evil and where run by gamers mods where welcome in games like BF1942, desert combat being one of the best games of all time imo.

        This situation stinks and needs adressing.

  • Banning people isn’t the problem, bans from BF3 for this kind of stuff isn’t wholly unreasonable. Debatable, but not unreasonable.

    Origin banning your account means they’re banning you from every single game you own on Origin.

    If they’re pulling these kind of antics this early on in the service’s life, imagine what they’ll be capable of in the future. For those of you who couldn’t already hear alarm bells sounding, listen again, I’m sure you’ll hear them now.

  • i find that funny the gaming industry is the only industry that can take your moeny for a product then turn around and tell you that your not using it the way they want you to use it and take that product off you ( ban you) this is one of the many reasons i really dont like companys like EA they said they wouldnt give modding tools out because the game engine was “too complex” for the modding community to under stand then within 3 days of it being released boom 128 player server it jsut shows how little they know about there customer base but i guess they will try sell us some bull shit in 3 months time super awesome cool sniper skin only $14.99 and 1 map yea no thanks

  • oh sure, instead of just deleting the last 24 hours / x number of servers worth of stats (you can be damn sure they’re monitoring to that level) let’s just invalidate their whole account and if they want the games again they can pay us again.

    fucking bullshit.

    i’m also reasonably sure this is completely illegal in Australia at least. IANAL.

  • What’s got up everyone’s grill? I have no problem with this. It shouldn’t make you unhappy unless you are using or planning to use hacked servers. It’s a harsh punishment but if you don’t commit the crime you don’t do the time. Who cares if they ban idiot hackers- keep you house tidy and it won’t affect you at all. Toughen up.

    • /sigh

      It’s not just hackers that get done. It’s the modding community as a whole being told not to do anything which is just all kinds of stupid. Ya know, that community that kinda takes a product and always ends up making it better?

  • And that is why I deleted Origin already from my computer.
    Shame actually I was really thinking of buying BF3 and SWTOR, but that is out of the question now.

  • I think people are forgetting this is a beta. DICE use all the data they collect to fix issues and balance the game as much as they can before release.

    Playing on a different sever style than intended will obviously mess up their data and you should be banned from the beta.

    I remember the days when a beta was actually set up to report bugs and fix glaring issues with the game. These days its just a demo or early access to the game.

    • Well betas are normally done several months before release at least. I’d say this is both beta and demo and considering the rush they’re putting on it, they’re in over their heads and should let people do as much modding as possible that way when we get the game at least the modders will have it at a stage that’s playable, otherwise we’re gonna get another Dead Island where once it’s too late the modders will come in and fix the game better than those payed to do so.

      Either/or, if they’re intending to keep beta stats for players when the game comes out then that’s stupid, to put it nicely. If they’re not then what’s the issue?

  • TLDR;

    1.Using a modded server = not hacking, you dont have to edit or use anything other than the standard software. Match-making could put you on one of these servers without you knowing.

    2. EA banning you from Origin would be like Steam banning your steam account. 1800+ diffrent games by diffrent developers all lost to the potential cost of THOUSANDS of dollors.

    3. The fact they attack their playerbase rather than shutdown / remove these modded servers from their listings is concerning,everyone here should be very worried.

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