Original Sonic The Hedgehog Unlockable In Sonic Generations

From Paris Games Week comes news that Sonic Generations will include the original Sonic the Hedgehog as an unlockable game, according to Destructoid. Takashi Iizuka of Sonic Team made the announcement. [Destructoid]


    oh joy. . . yet another way to play the original Sonic the Hedgehog. . .

    would be nice if I didn't already own it on like 6 other platforms. . .

    Had it contained an unlockable Sonic CD, THEN I'd be interested.

    But seeing as that's coming out on XBLA and PSN in the near future, it seems unlikely that they'll hand it out for free.

    Is Sonic dead to anyone else?

    Can we like organise a massive funeral for Sonic just for us to actually let him go ... even if Sega will not.

      I dunno, Sonic Colours is a good game and Generations at the very least looks promising. . .

      I may very well be wrong but Generations has me the most anticipated for a Sonic game I've been for a long time.

      Noooooope. I'd prefer they keep plugging at it until they get it right, or even, until they let me get it right for them.

      And anyway, does anybody actually think that the current landscape of gaming could come up with a better mascot to replace him?

    Anyone played the (new) Sonic Generations Demo? Its great! They've actually fixed the feel of 2D Sonic since the first Demo a few months ago - it know feels the way it should. Check it out, you will be surprised. You'll actually want to replay the levels just for the fun of it too. Like the old dayz

      While they certainly fixed some things from the original timed demo, they did create some issues with both certain loops (even if running at full speed, sans spindash, you will quite rapidly lose speed while going through the loop and drop down out of it - taking the upper path by bouncing off the buzzbomber and crossing the bridge that breaks after you run over it is a good way to test this) and flying off standard sized hills if going at full spindash speed.

      While I certainly appreciate some of the changes they've made to the physics since the timed demo, they've also created additional issues, some which make it harder to rely on the physics not doing something randomly weird during time trials.

    Only on the Internet will you find people complaining about getting something for free. Personally, I think this is a cool unlockable, and something Nintendo would never do with SMB. Oh, and Sonic CD wouldn't have the same signifigance as the original, especially on a game that is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the original game.

      The problem is they've been giving this game for free for the last god knows how many Sonic Games. . . if you wanted this game for free by now you most likely already have it in some shape or form.

        But giving away any other game in the series wouldn't make sense. The game itself is a celebration of 20 years since Sonic 1 was released, hence why Sonic 1 is being included. And frankly, even if you own the game 20 times over (like I personally do), you aren't losing out on anything by having a free copy included with Sonic Generations.

        And if you can name one game that included the original Sonic 1 FOR FREE (obviously compilations don't count, because you are paying for the game) that has been available on either the current generation of consoles/handhelds or the previous generation, I will eat my own hat (after purchasing a hat for consumption).

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