Over Ten Minutes Of Syndicate Gameplay Footage, Dude Saying "Chips"

This Syndicate clip runs for 11:06. Which is enough time to show you one mission from the upcoming shooter. It's also 11:06 of you walking around just...holding a gun.

It's not just me, right? That gets distracting. This is a slow level, more like something from Deus Ex than an action game, with very little shooting, yet there you are, walking around the place like this was Castle Wolfenstein.

Hopefully there's a "holster weapon" command in the final game!


    Looks pretty good.

    Looks like a sadistic homicidal version of Deux Ex.

    XCOM syndrome. Looks like it could be a good game, but I wish they'd just pick a different name. Why make a sequel that has nothing of the prequel?

    The name completely warps expectations and my response to this video. This would be getting a much better reception if they'd quit it with this ridiculous naming.

    Shame, it's nothing like the original syndicate of the 90's. Still looks interesting

    so when does this Deus ex blue edition come out lol

    Like others have said before, I think this game looks like it'll be pretty fun, but the name seems unecessary.
    It's unfortunate that publishers are so unwilling to get behind completely new ideas without first slapping an 'older-idea-updated!' sticker on the front of it. Especially if the new idea bares *very* little resemblance to the old one that they're seeking to exploit.

    Anyone else think no one was actually play that. It was just a script I think...

    Good to see they're actually keeping true to a number of the strategies Syndicate used -- persuadatron etc. I'm optimistic! :)

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