Oz Privacy Commissioner Gives Sony The All Clear Over PSN Breach

You probably remember that small security snafu that hit Sony back in April this year. Turns out the government didn't just watch events from the sidelines — the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner launched an investigation into Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (SCEA) to rule out any negligence on the company's part.

Well, the results of the investigation are in and Sony is, for the most part, in the clear. According to Privacy Commissioner Timothy Pilgrim, the important distinction is that Sony didn't intentionally release the information or leave it in an unprotected state, but rather it was hacked and the data taken forcefully.

It's not all cheery for Sony however. Pilgrim noted that while the company had taken "reasonable steps to protect its customers' personal information", it waited far too long to inform affected users, and the Office, of the breach.

While it's not clear what the lasting benefits of the investigation are, it's good to know someone in the country is looking into these things.

Sony not quite off the hook for 77 million strong breach [iTWire]


    i'm sorry, but all i could think about was scott pilgrim when i read this

      Because of the name?

      Though then again having scott pilgrim on the case would be quite epic. Music playing while he takes sony down.

      Hmmm... I bags the movie rights!

    Aha! So we should hate the hackers more than Sony, which I've been saying the entire freaking time! Now it's official, and Sony only waited until they were certain of what was taken before causing a panic. Finally, some sense about this whole thing!

      Not quite, the article states that "it [Sony] waited far too long to inform affected users, and the Office, of the breach."

        And someone once again states the obvious. Thank you, spizzaza, your supreme powers of observation have saved the world from the evil that is reading for oneself.

        We all knew Sony waited too long, but Sony waited too long BECAUSE they needed to know for certain themselves.

          Good to know I'm not the only person who sees this thing properly :) you win at life!

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