PC Gamers Enter Arkham City November 15

With the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions now on sale, Warner Bros turns its attention to the delayed PC version of Batman: Arkham City, tacking on a November 15 release date for North America, November 18 in Europe.


    It went up on steam this morning for USD$39.99. With steamworks integration (at least for achievments) included no less. I snapped it quickly. At that price the only way you're getting it cheaper is going through a dodgy cdkey seller or a non steam version elsewhere.... but who doesn't lover steam right? ;)

      Did the Steam version have any of the costumes?

      Just bought this last night on eBay for $35 after buying a Nvidia promo code that activates in Steam.

        That tempted me but I didn't want to deal with the dodgyness ;)

    I got it for bout $33 from green man gaming with a discount code, I've used them a couple of times before very reliable.

    I was in EB yesterday, and they said it was the 9th here. Is that right or were they just pulling a random date out of the sky?

      I got an email from JB saying the 9th of November as well. who knows maybe thats the broken street date :P

    Wow a whole month to install there legit consumer experience ruining DRM system. Get your act together WB!.

    Wow a whole month to install there legit consumer experience ruining DRM system. Get your act together WB!.

      What possible action have lead you to believe that "riduculous DRM" is going to be in place? I actually am a little curious!

      I think there might have actually been a legit reason for it being delayed. I doubt they'd willingly go and cannibalise sales by releasing it 3 days after Skyrim. Besides, I think they decided that whinging because the game is delayed is better than whinging that game is broken on release and needs a day 1 patch.

    It's so much cheaper on PC, and presumably will look better (though my system is getting a bit ancient now), but I'm not sure I can wait that long! I'm thinking I may just get it on ps3 today....

    Its gonna have to wait til after BF3 and Skyrim now. By the time I'm finished with those two hopefully Mass Effect 3, Bioshock Infinite, Metro Last Light, Diablo 3, Far Cry 3, Max Payne 3 are out by then. Sorry B Man you'll just have to wait, and I was looking forward to this game.

    Skyrim? Arkham City? Hmmmm ....
    Skyrim? Arkham City?
    Skyrim! Arkham City can wait for one of those uber-discounted Steam sales. Stoopid distributors.

    I bought an Nvidia graphics card and was expecting a free code for this game once it came out, as per Nvidia's website. However, I then read the list of countries which that offer was available to. Unfortunately Australia was not part of that list.

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