PC Gamers, You Should Update Your Graphics Card Drivers This Week

It's been a big month for PC games, and things are about to get even bigger, so if you've been lazy and forgotten to update your graphics card drivers, you're going to want to fix that.

Between big games having issues (RAGE) and even bigger games just being...big (Battlefield 3), both AMD and Nvidia have released brand new drivers that boast big performance improvements for both those games and other upcoming titles like Batman: Arkham City.

For specifics on what's being improved/fixed, you can see AMD's 11.10v3 notes here, while Nvidia's 285.62 notes can be found here.


    Goddamn I wish apple updated their bootcamp drivers more often. Anyone know a way to work around this? Don't say "buy a PC" please.

      purchase a windows based machine

        Exchange money for a personal computer running on a current Microsoft platform.

          Come into possession of a computer which runs the most popular OS.

        Acquire a modern data processing machine with the "Windows" operating system.

      Can't you just install the ATI/NVidia drivers anyway???

        yeah I tried, won;t install because it does n;t recognise the GPU. (2011 MB Pro, 15" Radeon 6750 1GB).

      Yep, same problem on my iMac.

      Don't use an apple to play PC games?

        Stu, a Mac is a brand name PC. And PC stands for personal computer so they both fit under the term.

        That aside, just because some chooses to run Windows on Mac Hardware does not mean the user has to be denied the same right to games as those who use vanilla PC.

      I know, buy products from a different less fruity company ;D

      googling it will offer much better answers than you will get here, and as if you haven't already figured that out? i google everything its faster than asking..

        I heard google works better on a windows computer.

    Be grabbing the update when I get home. Might fix issues I've been having with other games as well.


    Get a PC :P

    Bah cant update mine..keep getting black screen after it installs update and have to roll back to fix it lmao

    BF3 made me update my drivers, and now sound gets passed through the DVI port straight to my tv. Freaked me out since it stole the front two channels from the speakers in the process, and there was still sound with the speakers off.

      At least it wasn't pr0n! :--P

    Hmm... can't say "buy a PC". Considered dual-booting at all?

      bootcamp= dual OS, I'm running win7 and osx lion

    Still playing through Frozen Throne on my 8600GT. I think I'll be OK for drivers... :--P

    Also rFactor 2!...not that anyone here cares about that...

    I have two GeForce 9600 GT cards installed, I want to upgrade but don't know the first thing about upgrading. 6MB RAM all up, (1 X 4MB, 1 X 2MB, 4 slots in all) I should be set right?

      Two 9800GT's and 6MB of RAM?

      You sure you don't mean 6GB of RAM?

        I would hope so, however with the configuration he's reporting he's going to have hobbled his memory bandwidth as he won't be running in dual channel mode.

        2x9600GT's are going to do much with this game, you might be able to get 30 frames with everything on low, which I guess is what the Xbox/PS3 users get.

          Erm yes. GB.

          I don't know that I'm not in dual channel mode, I will look to change that. I thought my problem would most likely be insufficient memory.

            He basically means:
            'shit runs faster if your RAM consists of 2x1GB/2GB or any other configuration like that preferably of the same make, manufacturer etc. so you get the most out of it'

            The actual reason why is mostly beyond me but intuitively it makes sense I guess >. > So yea the only way you'd be able to would be to grab some different sticks.

            As to your video cards they're pretty old now so it may just be easier if you could spend a hundred or two on a new one instead of the low settings. That said the minimum requirements are an 8800GT which is the generation before the 9800GT so you should be able to get 60 or so fps maybe even medium settings.

            To be completely honest a lot of people worry about RAM when it comes to computers but in my opinion 4GB will get you as far as you need unless you're doing some hardcore multitasking or are really after those few extra fps.

            I might be wrong with everything I've said so far, so you should still do a bit of research :P

            PS - If you are looking for an upgrade in parts hit up www.staticice.com to see a general price range for Australia.

    Except of course, those games that won't work with the most up-to-date drivers and need you to run the older ones, or the beta ones not yet released.


    And then once you update, sit back and wait for the BSODs to start flooding in. Damn new games requiring new crappy drivers, and damn me for hating FPS' on consoles too much to not buy it for PC.

    Running AMD’s 11.10v3 and 11.9 CAP 3 with dual HD 6850`s things run fine :D.

    Steam states my drivers are up to date, Lets hope they are right.

      AMD or Nvidia?

      I know AMD 11.10v3 is only a preview driver.. You wouldn't have been prompted to install it automatically and Steam would be checking for 10.9.. You'll need to update manually..

      Nvidia? your on your own there..

    For anyone with GTX 560 or the TI variant, do not install the 285.xx series drivers. TDR's still rampant and drivers still unstable. Unless BF3 performance is your top priority - DO NOT INSTALL.

    Game runs fine with Catalyst 11.10, none of that crap that happened with Rage LOL ID.

    any sacrifice to play at the time, it is better to invest in BF3. offers a better campaign and multiplayer.
    honestly, after downloading Rage on Steam ... I give up at id software.

    Perfect timing yesterday - my copy of RAGE finally arrived from OzGameShop. Picked up the game on the way home. Patched my PC's GFX drivers, installed 21GBs of game, downloaded the auto-patches in Steam, added in the DLC codes... and shot down mutant freaks all night long! The shipping time felt long, but I kind of feel rewarded by an awesome hassle free install.

      PS. RAGE is great... don't believe the hype :) Long time iD fan, so very biased... but if you are on the fence, grab it on a Steam sale and check it out. Way better than Duke as far as 90s revivals.

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