Perfect Chaos Reigns Over Sonic Generations' Modern Era

The third and final era represented in Sonic Generations is the modern era, represented here by the Crisis City, Rooftop Run, and Planet Wisp levels, and since there hasn't been a particularly compelling rival character in years, here comes Perfect Chaos.

And thus the holy trinity is completed, with classic, Dreamcast, and modern all represented in what should be the ultimate piece of Sonic fan service in the history of the franchise. If this one doesn't please Sonic fans from all generations, Sega should just give up.


    I thought Mephilles was alright, but then again he didn't really interact with Sonic much...

    So Sega have just forgotten that the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' abortion happened? Good.

      If that were the case, then why would the game feature a level from that very same game (Crisis City)?

    Still on the fence, mainly because I've played all these zones before (okay, not in 2D/3D depending...)

    i wonder how would the battle be between sonic and perfect chaos

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