Pet Battles Coming To World Of Warcraft. It's Not Pokemon

After collecting non-combat in-game pets for nearly seven years, Mists of Pandaria will finally give players the ability to collect, level, battle and trade these monsters in their pockets. Who will be the very best like no one on Azeroth ever was?

You can keep your pandas and your monks; the most exciting feature of the Mists of Pandaria expansion for World of Warcraft is the new Monster Battle system, detailed today during the BlizzCon 2011 World of Warcraft preview panel.

In a nutshell, once Mists of Pandaria goes live, most of the in-game pets you've collected over the years will transform from useless followers to fierce combatants, capable of fighting and gaining experience in player-versus-enemy and player-versus-player pet battles.

These battles are turn-based, unlike any other battle in World of Warcraft. The player selects three of the six abilities each pet is able to learn and then deploys them to a battlefield, which looks much like the conceptual screenshot above.

Along with the existing non-combat pets, Mists of Pandaria will introduce the concept of wild pets, pets that just appear as you are travelling. You might just be walking along and then BAM! A wild murloc appears! Some wild pets will only appear in certain zones, or at certain times, during certain types of weather; there could even be a pet that only appears in June at night when it's raining. Catching them all is just part of the adventure.

As is travelling. As you, the traveller, journeys to new lands discovering new pets, recording them in your new Pet Journal (which also acts as an information resource of collectible pets), you'll encounter powerful NPC trainers that align themselves with a certain type of pet. Conquering them unlocks special trainer powers that can be used during battles.

"It's not Pokemon" the PR people shout. Of course it isn't; that would be silly. Combining World of Warcraft and Pokemon is an insane idea that could only end in tears.

The new Pet Battle system will be in place when Mists of Pandaria launches.


    Thank god TOR is coming out.

      Was thinking of giving WoW another shot... I too will wait for TOR


      Score: several million

      Dude, both MMORPGs are different.

      TOR has story.

      WoW is just grinding.

        WoW actually has a pretty deep story, it's just that no one bothers to read the quest logs.

          TOR still has to come out and prove itself. It could be a wow killer, or it could be rift / aion / warhammer online.

            Success or failure is still up in the air but the game itself is great, smooth, fun & very immersive

            Err so I've heard from people who broke the NDA, I'd never do that sort of thing myself of course...

              I amy have also "heard" from someone that the game is brilliant. Really does not feel like WoW in space. 2 months are not going fast enough.

          Warcraft has probably one of the most amazing stories ever! Vanilla wow had a pretty deep story, ive never played the other expansions but they seem to be going off from the story.

          cant wait for warcraft 4

    is that a charmander i see??

      More like Charmeleon vs Sudowoodo

      looks more like digimon lol can't remember names though been awhile haha


    Seriously? Whats so important about this? This, the panda race and the whole setting of the expansion look so half-assed. It looks so much like an April Fools joke. I can't take it seriously. I just can't.

      That's fine, feel free to quit playing. Honestly, sounds like you're one of the people who was complaining that Diablo 3 has colours that aren't red, brown or black.

        How do you figure he doesn't like D3 from that post? Honestly, sounds like your rabid Blizzard fanboyism has rendered you unable to accept the views of others.

          I second the motion that based on extremely limited information the OP has come to the conclusion that "the expansion looks so half-assed", and as such is active rashly ... he's seen what? A dozen screenshots and a kotaku article?

            How about two expansions that have added mostly re-skins and favoured gear over skill?

          Where did I contradict anything he sad?

          But I'm sorry, "it looks silly" as an excuse for something being bad in WoW, a game with a rather cartoony style, that's always had a silly brand of humour, has races like talking cows, bear men and russian goat-men from space...WoW's been 'silly' for years.

            Where did he use the word "silly"? He said it looks "half-arsed" that it looks like an "April Fools joke".

            It's a valid opinion. At no point did he say it looks "silly". Hell, even if he did, that doesn't mean he considers WoW's current style "silly" at all but that in the context of the game it seems ridiculous.

              WoW threads are like blood in the water for you aren't they, Chazz?

                How do you figure?

    Guild wars 2 is out soon right?... RIGHT!?

      Soon....soon....then we can repent in the light of guild wars 2.

    God, I wish people would stop picking at every single minor detail with WoW and automatically saying it's bad.

    Haters gonna hate, been playing since Vanilla and I love everything in this expansion.


    This is absolutely World of Pokemoncraft.

    It look likes digimon

    I'm still waiting for another Warcraft RTS...

    I can't recall if I bashed my head into my desk more over this or over it actually being pandas.

    The longer this segment went, the more I started to think I was in a time warp to some alternate universe April 1. I mean, it's not a terrible concept but.. WHY??

    Has Blizzard been in talks with CCP to share strategies for absurd deviations from core gameplay?

      People have been complaining about now having enough things to do when they reach level cap: Raid and dungeons, PvP, Professions, Achievements, and in 4.3, Transmogrification.

      Adding in a new gameplay mode seems like a smart move. Something new and fresh to keep people interested.

        People have also complained a lot over the years that minipets are useless. They decided to make a system to make minipets matter, without it impacting the core game mechanics. it looks fun. It looks interesting. Yes, yes, it looks like Pokemon. But it also makes sense for adding a deeper mechanic to a cosmetic system.

        I'm pretty stoked about a lot of the announcements. And I think a lot is being seriously overlooked by the 'OMG POKEWOW' people and the 'OMG PANDAS' people.

        As someone else who has played since vanilla, the thing that I am absolutely most excited about is the talent overhaul. This is what talents should be! Quality over quantity, choosing between things where there is actually a choice that doesn't amount to 'Choose this, or you are dumb'... It is simple. It is diverse and interesting. I am excited!

        Of course, I also like pokewow and pandas. So I don't have to obsess over how evil Blizzard is for knocking back and having a bit of fun for an expansion, in a cute way that many people have hoped would happen.

        If I were one of those super-serious Lore Is God people who think everything should be a Big Bad Guy and the same boring stuff over again, I imagine I would be ignoring the systemic changes in favor of worrying about the cosmetic ones.

          Only issue I've had with the talent system is that I'm seeing a bunch of new abilities that look cool, but then see I have to choose between that or one of the current skills that just seems so much better. I'm hoping they'll do a lot of balancing on the new ones, but I don't want to end up picking the same ones I've already got because they're better for my play style. :/

    Next xpac, they're adding guitar hero compatability.

    Sold. A million times sold.

    I wonder if the Pandaren are going to be Horde or Alliance? or neither? You can't just release 1 new race, the other side will cry!

      It's already been mentioned that it's the first race that can be either faction.

        I wonder if they are laying the groundwork for less of a racial war and more of a personal beliefs war, or for the non-core races drug into the humans versus orcs conflict to finally step out and say 'You guys are nuts and on your own'.

    I watched the live stream. Asian Style expansion, recent release into China, lets face it, it is Pokemon.

    But hey, if it is going to win them more subscribers in those markets, good on them.

    Im sorry, but if you dont play wow, why do you care?

    Also if you play wow and Don't like it, its a feature that you are forced to use. It's not like its going to give players who are the best at these pet battles a leg up in PVP or PVE? So why do you people even care?

    Panda's and Pokemon? does blizz think that everyone who plays there games is 10 years old?

    Why so much hate for the pandern =/ personally I have always thought they were one of the more awesome races in the warcraft mythos, pandern brew master was my favourite warcraft 3 hero

    I've got nothing against this sort of pet fighting, but it seems like a bonehead move adding a Pokemon knock-off system in the expansion that's definitely going to suffer from the knee jerk reaction of being called childish. They had to know that "Pokemon + Pandas? RAGEQUIT!" was coming.

    I probably won’t be back to wow as hardcore as I used to, I lost interest when cata came out. I've never been a huge guild person, I liked my close knit 10man guild, With cata, it seems like you are pretty much forced to join a spamming, 500 member, lvl 25 guild - or get left behind.

    I still think some of the new announcements are cool, though. I will log on and create a panda for fun, and may try the new pet things. But in the end, I think wow is definitely starting to die, and a lot of the new content seems very tacked on.

      I've been with a small guild this entire expansion. It worked out pretty well at the start (we were lucky in that we had just enough people that we usually made it to the guild xp cap each time). The only issue is that now we're stuck in it. The guild leader has quit on us twice but starting a new guild means giving up not just the direct perks from leveling but the benefits of the feasts and cauldrons in raid.
      We could live without them. We did BYO flasks and food when we started so they're by no means compulsory, it's just a huge waste to start that process over again.

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