PixelJunk Sidescroller Scrolls Into Being On October 25

PixelJunk Sidescroller Scrolls Into Being On October 25

Via its twitter account, Q Games has announced that the next game in its stellar PixelJunk series, PixelJunk SideScroller, is set for release October 25 on the PlayStation Network. That’s a US date – but we rarely have delays on the PSN, so we can expect an Australian release will be forthcoming.

Ever since PixelJunk Monsters, I swore a solemn vow to buy and play every single game Q Games releases, and I see no reason to stop with PixelJunk Sidescroller. Essentially a revamped, hyper HD version of R-Type, Sidescroller appears to take some of the raw mechanics of PixelJunk Shooter and places them into a ‘hard as all balls’ sidescroller that will make your knuckles bleed.

Sounds (painfully) good to me.


  • I’ll buy it when it drop, I have all the others.

    Question though. Where the he’ll is PixelJunk Dungeons?!?

  • There seems to be a concerted campaign in the games industry to release all the games I’m interested during the 3 week window that I’ll be away and thus unable to buy or play them.

  • Purchase : Day 1
    Download : Start before leaving for work.
    Play : Maybe a few days later on the weekend! :p

    Now, onto other matters… would pay $100 for a Eden Sequel!!!

      • No, I picked up the Encore pack and love the 5 extra levels which all seem to add something new, though the last few were much loved.

        Garden 14 had a fantastic and tough climb to the very top of the level. Garden 15 and the opposite world was friggin intense! I know alot of people hated it, but Garden 7 and the shifting gravity was such a brilliant level.

        No, I’m looking for a whole new game, Shooter got a full blown sequel, so I continue to hope knowing that the chances are slim to none. Loved the soundtrack and the visual design was glorious, just need get the 3player trophy and the patience for zero wasted pollen to 100% it!

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