Play Battlefield 3 Before Your Mates, If You Live Near The JB Hi-Fi In Albany, NZ

If you're in NZ and insanely eager to play Battlefield 3 before your Kiwi compartiots, the JB Hi-Fi in Westfield Albany will be holding a special event on October 26, starting from 6pm, where you can play the game six hours prior to its official release.

The store made the announcement via its Facebook page, and they included a list of deals that will be running during the event. We've replicated them here, to minimise your clicking requirements.

- 10% Off TVs (excludes Soniq) - 15% Off Cameras - 10% Off ALL Dell & Alienware - 10% Off Computers (excludes Apple & iPad) - 20% Off Audio & Speakers - 20% Off Car Audio (excludes In-Car Navigation) - 10% Off ALL CDs, DVDs & Blu-Rays - 10% Off Phones (excludes iPhone)

JB ALBANY SALE & BATTLEFIELD 3 LAUNCH! One Night Only [Facebook via Just Push Start]


    Sounds like a big waste of time, just to get a game a few hours early. Personally I'm going to wait unit mine arrives by post, which should be no more than a week or two after the release date.

      Missing the first few days of a new Battlefield games multiplayer is missing half the experience.

        Good thing that I paid about half price for it then.

    "to minimise your clicking requirements"

    thanks Logan!

      Kotaku US should take some notes on how to do articles :D

    i was worried my mouse was starting to take its toll, those clicks are becoming precious!

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