PlayStation Gamers Choose Dark Souls Over Rage... At Kmart

According to a surprised American Kmart Gamer, the avatar of all things gaming and Kmart-related, the PlayStation 3 version of Dark Souls outsold Rage on the PS3 yesterday, defying expectations, while Rage reigned supreme on the Xbox 360. [Twitter]


    Rage would of had more copies

      inarticulate AND irrelevant

      bravo mchaza

    Just curious but did price figure into it? Maybe Rage was cheaper on the PS3 elsewhere.

    According to an unsurprised Lobo, avatar of all things Lobo and Lobo related, KotakuUS posts another "article" not a paragraph in length going into no detail about a topic Lobo didn't care about in the first place.

    Look ma! I'm a journalist for KotakuUS!

      +10. Did you see the "article" about a 10 year old picture they posted? By god, they need to fire some people there.

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