PlayStation Games 'Not Just For Sony Devices' Says Hirai

Sony's looking to expand its PlayStation game offerings to other mobile devices, Sony Computer Entertainment chief Kaz Hirai told a conference in Hong Kong on Friday.

"This isn't an ecosystem where we want to keep everything within the Sony family," he said, according to The Wall Street Journal. "This is not just for Sony devices."

Hirai didn't elaborate with which device makers Sony is interested in partnering.

Sony's own Xperia Play plays original PlayStation games, served over the Android marketplace. The device requires the PlayStation Suite to play the games; to be certified for PlayStation Suite, a smartphone, tablet or other device has to pass certain hardware specifications.

Of course, there are also those working on emulators that will play ISOs of original PlayStation discs. Hirai's talking about officially spreading around the PlayStation Suite

The Xperia Play hasn't caught fire, and sales of PlayStation Games on the Android marketplace, at the US launch, were low, attributed to few titles being offered and lack of consumer awareness.

Sony Seeks to Add Its Games to More Devices [The Wall Street Journal (subscription)]


    RE: xperia play - give it tactile analogue sticks and something to play on it, and you have yourself a winning little device.

    I love my xperia play. I mostly play snes roms and minecraft on it

    I love my Play, I just wish it had more onboard memory - I've had to root and use link2sd to be able to install apps.

    Agreed on the proper sticks, that'd be nice.

    More games on the market would also be nice however emulators and psxperia sort that out.

    Love my play.
    Would like more on board memory though (woefully low). if they release a new version they should make it 16gig on board, with a sdxc slot, up the ram and cpu, add nubs like the psp... but most of all LINK IT TO THE PSN. The biggest problem is the lack of love Sony seem to have for it. There are still only 9 PS1 titles available, to play anything else you need to have an ISO and an emulator (I still have my copy FFVII for PS1, so I use fpse).
    The play could be so much more... attach it to the PSN for a wealth of PS1 content that they charge for (or you already own and just need to download), a little spec tweeking and maybe some PSP action and use of minis... do that and the Play would be a game changer (forgive the use of that phrase).

    I love the Play, I just wish Sony didn't seem to think it was some kind of bastard child to be despised and forgotten about.

    (yes I am aware that technically Sony and Sony-Ericsson are different companies, but since Sony clearly has a stake in Sony-Ericsson you'd think they would try harder to provide something great for the customer)

    I'm a big fan of my Xperia Play, there's nothing else like it. I really hope that other phone makers, along with S-E, step up and make more phones with proper dpads.

    That said, the selection of PSX games in the market is abysmal, and Australians get charged an extra couple of dollars for each game. Sure it's not much ($6.16 - $8.45), but c'mon, why are we getting ripped off?

    Oh, and the touchpads are shite. Haven't come across a game yet where they actually feel right.

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