PlayStation Vita Set To Arrive In Australia In February [Pricing Update Inside]

We've just heard word that the PlayStation Vita has an Australian release date, and will be heading to our shores on February 22.

Sony are sending the official word, and hopefully Australian pricing, soon. We'll update this story with more details as we get them.

The PlayStation Blog has European price details, which are usually more in line with what we pay here in Australia. It will be available in Europe for €249.95 for the Wi-fi version and €299.95 for the 3G version.

UPDATE: We've just received Australian pricing for the Vita.

The Wifi version of the PlayStation Vita will retail at $349.95 while the 3G version will retail at $449.95.

“PlayStation Vita is a revolutionary device, which will offer the best possible portable gaming experiences available on the market," said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand. "Its impressive feature set is designed to provide the ultimate gaming experiences on the go. This, combined with social connectivity means there will be not only innovative new ways to play, but also new ways to connect with others. We are incredibly excited about the upcoming launch of PlayStation Vita.”

What say you about the local pricing? The Wifi pricing seems reasonable, but the mark up for 3G is a bit pricey for my tastes. Let us know what you think in the comments below.


    Awesome, that's same day as the US and Europe

      Mark: Do we have any info on game pricing, specifically vs EU?

    Woohoo! I'm actually getting quite excited about this. I don't care what people say, I love my PSP.


    $400 AU for the wifi version

      Oh and I reckon the 3G version will be $500

      EB games originally quoted me $350 for the Wifi version, but now I wouldn't be suprised if it retails at launch for about $450

    Still not replacing my Atari Lynx.

      Oh man - I still have my lynx somewhere! used to love thing, xenophobe was my fav. Batman returns... now that was just damn cruel.

        I couldn't even get past the first level of that SOB.. lol

      Still got mine


      It's all about Slimeworld, Fellas.

    Naught can quell the fervent quivering of my loins.

      Maybe see your GP about that?

        I was wrong... $450 can quell the fervent quivering of my loins...

          Side effects include palpitations, excessive drooling and moths flying out of your wallet

    Same day as US! Technically we'd be getting it earlier since we're a day ahead. Hehe..

    The pricing will hopefully be $349 for the Wi-Fi only model and $399 for the 3G/Wi-Fi model.

    Honestly, if the placeholder prices that EB Games have are close to the mark... $348 & $408, then I will be all over it!

    Who am I kidding, I'll be there!

    Screw those prices. $250 Euro will be $350-400AUD minimum.

    If you want it just import it, will be a lot cheaper and it's region free.

      I don't think it will be that bad. My guess is $349 Wi-fi and $399 3G and I imagine the competitive day one pricing will see big chains selling the wi-fi for $299 and the 3G for $350.

      That being said, I'll pay $400 for one no problems. Take my money now!

        Ok so I was a way off on the 3G pricing. I still stand by my $299 deals for the wi-fi though!

        $349 is fine with me for the wi-fi. Don't need to spend $100 on 3G when most smart phones can act as a hot spot and share their 3G connection to the PSV.

          I could live with $299 for the wifi, but it's still bad. We really need to cut the fat out of the distribution companies here.
          When we can buy it from US RETAILERS (who have already bought it from their distributors and marked it up) and get it shipped here for less there is a massive problem (and someone is sitting on a huge profit).

    $100 dearer for the 3G version that presumably will have the same 200mb download restriction on file size as the other regions?

    If i am going to get it, it would be the Wi-fi version. Although i am still debating it - i bought a psp and the amount of times i played it was not worth the money i payed for it.

    299 Euro is just over $400 AUD. we getting screwed, but not as hard as usual.

    The 3G should have been $399. But overall, it's not too bad of a price.

    ooh $349 is the same price as the 3DS launched at, but this time it almost seems worth it!

    I hope I can hold off for a year or so for the next model though. Uncharted will certainly be tempting...

      But if the 3DS has taught me anything it's that I shouldn't buy a console until I know if there are actually any decent games to play on it

        Of course this is correct, but personally for me...

        Uncharted, WipEout 2048, Everybody's Golf, LittleBigPlanet, Lumines, Ridge Racer, Super Stardust

        supposedly in the launch window, plus more that I didn't think off on the top of my head... I could walk away very poor if I don't control myself.

    3g Vita will go for $399, I'm pickin'.
    Preorder already done, anxious waiting begins. Day one PSP owner that still uses my trusty PSP-3000 even today. =)

      lol day one PSP-3000 owner? Does that even count? :P

        Day one PSP owner - got a PSP-1000 at launch, sold it for a slim 2000 when they were released, bought a slim 'n brite Gran Turismo 3000 when my 2000 died.

    Price seems good for the wifi only model. Don't know if I'll get one.

    Is it plausible to just buy one of those 3g wifi devices you get for cheap when you sign up for a data plan with Vodafone or Telstra and just tether it to the WiFi Vita?

      Got a recent smartphone on a 3G plan? Check if it can operate as a personal WiFi Hotspot (varies by handset and carrier, eg pretty sure that iPhone 4 running recent iOS can). If so, then you're set - plus no asinine download limit that way either.

      I want to know whether I'm forced to go to a specific provider for my 3G before I even consider getting the 3G Vita - in the US it's locked to AT&T and in Japan it's on I think NTT DoCoMo. Presumably it's locked to Telstra in Australia?

      Absolutely. I have a Samsung Galaxy tab with Telstra, $52 for 7GB a month that I tether to my phone, iPad, Netbook, and the same could be down with a wifi dongle. Works much better than for example, a 3g iPad, as I can download bigger files and use facetime, which is blocked on 3G, which a lot of the vita seems to be as well.

        Yeah... I'm thinking this is perhaps a lot cheaper alternative than buying the device with 3g functionality because there is also the 20 mb download limit.

        I already have one of those 3g wifi dongles from Vodafone with a 2gb download limit. Vodafone has crappy reception here in the other suburbs of Melbourne but I go to the city often so should be the most cheapest I think.

    $350 for the Wi-fi? Sold. Kind of makes the original 3DS pricing look like a joke. Shame about the febuary release though, summer is when I need it the most.

    What are the advantages of the 3G, other than mobile online play?

    Considering I'd likely have the 3G off to save battery power, I'll probably just be getting a wifi version.

      I'm wondering the same thing myself. Presumably, because of the "always on" feature, you can get game alerts from just about anywhere with the 3G version.

      Oh, and doing a little research has shown that the 3G version comes with GPS built in.

    Not sure where I'll be getting (as in which country), but I'm thankful I don't need or want the 3G version.

    I'll be getting the Wifi one. No point for me to go for 3G as I always have my phone on me and can use it as a personal hotspot. Same reason why I didn't get a 3G version of a tablet. Why pay for multiple data services when I can pay for one?

    I REALLY want one of these, and the Wi-Fi version pricing is really fair - but it would take me 17.5 weeks to save for the unit alone, based on my $20 per week personal gaming allowance.. so i don't see that happening anytime soon. lol


    Competition, maybe? lol

    But yeah - pretty fair price on the Wi-Fi, imho

    How does 3g justify a $100 price difference, though?

      Chuloopa, I don't want to come off as rude, so don't take this the wrong way. But $20/week gaming budget sucks! I've heard you say this b4 and I think is he serious? Now, I don't know it personal situation in life but I assume with such a strict budget ur married and have kids? I don't have kids, but I can imagine the insane expenses involved with maintaining a family. I guess what I want to know is, do u only have the $20/wk due to budget constraints? Or is it an amount that u have agreed upon with ur partner? And do you get extra allowance for Birthday/Christmas? Would you be able to buy something like a Vita as ur Christmas present? Also, I can only assume ur partner doesn't have any interest in gaming?

      I'm lucky I guess because my fiancé is a gamer and whenever I buy a game I know that she will play it as well. I can't imagine what it would be like having such a small gaming budget! I feel for u man!

      And so u know, I'm engaged with a home loan and car loan and saving for a wedding so I do know what it's like to have a tight budget. I'm not trolling u lol.

        hahah it's cool man - it's really not that bad.

        I, believe it or not, have a MASSIVE gaming library and i've been a budget gamer for a while, so it's really not all that bad.

        Not married with kids at the moment, but my partner and i do live together out of home and we both work as well as study, which means there isn't a heck of a lot of money coming in.

        The reason for the budget is because we're saving for a house, car and i'm actually planning to propose to her sometime next year - meaning a ring (that's right you heard it here first) - boy am i glad she doesn't read this site. hahaha

        So yeah, with full time work, school i don't get as much tiem as i'd like to play games, so i go through them pretty slowly - so the budget is ok for me at the mo.

        I normally get high-price games at birthday and x-mas like you mention. For my b-day this year, Bee (bless her cotton socks) got me a ps3, which was blind mowing.

        PLUS putting a bit of work into Kotaku comps has seen me win quite a few awesome games (got a copy of rage on the way now) so that tides me over.

        So yeah - while $20 a week might not seem like much, i think i've got it pretty good.

        PLUS the accounts lady here doesn't even let her husband LOOK at games, and he was a full fledged gamer before he met her - so it could be A LOT worse. lol

          i understand exactly how you feel dude. I have the advantage of working for a games retilier so we get a decent discount plus free games on the occasion. Plus the ability to borrow any game helps too.

          I really think i would struggle if i didn't work there.

        Thats a thousand bucks a year. Between steam sales and importing, I think I've only spent about about $500 on the 40-odd games I bought this year. Of course, many are older titles I never got around to, and I haven't paid for GoW3, Skyrim or Batman yet. There hasn't been a home console release either this year, which would shatter the $20 a week budget.

        Note: I also dropped $640 on a new computer, which I'll game on. I didn't count that because I would have bought it for work regardless. You could probably argue I might have spent about $200 less if I didn't go for an i7.

      Its more than 17.5 weeks until release, if you start saving now, you might even be able to afford a GAME for it!

      I know how you feel though, my budget isn't much higher than yours, I really need one of those job things I've read about

        hahaha. True.

        BUT as someone else said, i'd be better off to wait till mid/end of next year when they start doing all the cool bundles for the same amount as the console on it's own :)

      What if they put a Warhammer 40k game on it?

        LOL. Day one sale!


          I'd start giving BJ's out the back of the Olive Garden. lol

            Lol. Thanks for the reply Chuloopa, when you explain it like that, and the fact it's still $1000/yr it doesn't sound bad at all. I also imagine it would be quite enjoyable saving up for a particular item for a while and finally getting to pick it up and play it. I really should look at doing something similar. Gotta stop being so impatient, because all I end up with is a bigger pile of shame.

              haha no problem mate -it's all good

              And yeah, it made my CE of SPace Marine alllll the more sweeter.

    I'd buy the wifi version, wasn't ever really interested in the 3G version due to pretty poor coverage.

    Looking forward to it - hopefully day one.

    Relax about the price my friends, remember when the 3DS came out and kmart had it for 288 i think. Those are the rrp and big retailers will usually go under, hopefully. Either way exciting times for all and sundry.

      This is true, except for EB, dont count on them selling for a cent under RRP

    I fully expect that retailers will take off ~$50 at launch like most did with the 3DS (at least on the WiFi model). Even still, I don't think I'll be getting one. It's a bit too expensive for me to buy one on top of the 3DS I already own (and aside from Uncharted, there's not much I'm interested in for the Vita).

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