Please Keep Lindsay Lohan Away From Our Gaming Events

Up until now I figured I had picked a profession in which under no circumstances would I ever have to look at a blown-up picture of Lindsay Lohan's gunk-covered, smoke-stained teeth. I thought you were better than this, Saints Row the Third.

A whole host of slightly famous people showed up last night in LA for the Saints Row premier. Carmen Electra made an appearance, as did the lovely and talented Brea Grant. Attractive famous couple Sarah Hyland and Matt Prokop rubbed noses in front of cameras, while Rob Kardashian disappointed everyone by not being one of his sisters.

But we don't care about any of those people (with the possible exception of Brea Grant). No, last night everyone's eyes were on the actress voted most likely to burst into flames, throw a drink, or flash her junk, Lindsay Lohan and her magically grotesque teeth.

I'm sure my teeth are no prize either, but I'm in a place where British newspapers don't feel the need to blow up pictures of my chompers and comment on how horrid they are.

Come on, Lohan. You're a star. Start acting like one and stop attending gaming events, so I don't have to imagine the smell of your mouth.

Forgotten to whiten your teeth Lindsay? Miss Lohan reveals smoke-stained smile at Hollywood gaming premiere [The Daily Mail]


    If she's so very irrelevant to all this, and you hate her so much WHY ARE YOU WRITING ABOUT HER?

    Oh right, same reason all those tabloids you're pissing on about do...

    Nice integrity there champ. Way to stick by your convictions.

    This.... This is an article? Did I just read this on Kotaku?... I think I need to get some air...

      Slow news day. There's not enough articles on the other sites for Mike to whore out yet. Be patient.

    God, this girl used to be smokin' hot - now she just looks like a used up crackhead. For your equivalent fix, see Emma Stone. Growl.

    'Rob Kardashian disappointed everyone by not being one of his sisters.' I did lol.

    I'd rather hear about the actual event than the has-been that went there.

    Sounds like someone has a crush on Lindsay

    As if any of us would say no to Lohan. Come on, are you really that hypocritical?

    Kids, look deeply past the recesses and the mountain wedges and somewhere past the vast gullies and the dilated nostrils you will notice a floating crack pipe, a champagne cork and the supple smear of last nights R rated behavior.

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