Pokémon Gray Incoming?

Melbourne IT Digital Brand Services recently registered pokemongray.com. This is the same company that registered pokemonblackwhite.com, an official Nintendo site. When you mix black and white you get...gray. [IGN via Gimme Gimme Games!]


    If they made it 3DS exclusive, it would sell systems like hotcakes.


      I've got a pokemon game from each generation, but only one "third" iteration game (Pokemon Crystal), so it wouldn't get me to buy.

    Grey is such a crappy colour and name, I rather have Pokemon Cyan, yea start using the names on Printer cartridges.

    I'd love to see a reboot of the Pokemon series, new style of gameplay such as real time battle, can't leave the fight arena and run around dodgeying fire blasts and attacking when you get the chance.. even if it was on a 2D axis like Super Bro's or something (and only with the first 151 Pokemon, back to awesome basics)

      how about a Pokemon game thats not on a handheld...

        Pokemon Stadium?
        Pokemon Stadium 2?
        Pokemon Colosseum?
        Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness?

          I think he means an actual pokemon game in the same style of the handhelds. Not a Stadium Spinoff, not a limited version (Pokemon XD) but one where you can walk in grass and find pokemon.

    Super Smash Bro's* damn it.

    Honestly I'm surprised it wasn't already registered once black/white came out. I kind of hope they don't end up calling it Pokemon Gray though, it's kind of uninspired even if it does make sense. :P

    It will be interesting to see how Nintendo/Game Freak handles this release now that the 3DS is out, though.

    Finally - a colour to match those who claim anything new is bad.


    (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzNsyMZQQjI for reference)

    gray what a fitting name.

    wait a second.....isnt it GREY?
    not GRAY....everyones writing GRAY...why is that? Isn't grey spelled G-R-E-Y?

      Another victim to the American vs British spelling wars

        Oh I see...did not realise that..

    Hm, maybe instead of grey, they should call it...pokemon shade?

    I dislike losing my u's and spelling my words like an American. Remember, int he US of A, lollies are a brand of underwear o_o

      Other possible titles:

      -Pokemon Neutral
      -Pokemon Chiaroscuro
      -Pokemon Stone
      -Pokemon Michael Jackson

    That site has actually been around for a while.

      PokemonGrey.com was registered since 2008 but not PokemonGray.com

    I don't get all the name hate myself. So long as they use spell it "Grey" for us I'll be a happy camper.

    Have been itching to play Pokemon lately but been holding out for an enhanced version of White so this'll be great if it's true.

    Maybe they really went to register Pokemon Gary, but then spelt his name wrong :P

    I understand the logic and rational behind the title ''Grey'' but having said this, it still seems extraordinarily silly to name a game after such a name ( Yeah, I can rhyme ) With everything associated with grey as a shade commonly symbolic of being bland, boring and dull. Why would you pitch such a title? Personally I think it would have been cool if they stylised the next title with black and white still keeping in theme with the blend, but naming it ''Noir Version'' that at least is better than Grey and also refers to the fact they that have merged black and white together.

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