Project Temporality: 'Braid Meets Portal, But On Crack'

This quirky indie title was featured in the latest Dream.Build.Play, an annual challenge held by Microsoft to show off the capabilities of XNA Studio - a cross-platform API for games development on PC and Xbox 360. Well, just Xbox 360 now, considering Microsoft's discouraging position on XNA under Windows 8.

But let's not digress. Project Temporality was developed by a small Swedish team called Defrost Games. Inspired by Jonathan Blow's Braid and Valve's Portal, they set to work on this arcade mash-up for Xbox 360. From the looks of things, you can import an Xbox avatar into the game and subject it to a series of bizarre non-deaths.

Braid, I see. Portal however? I don't get the reference. Maybe from the environments? If anything, I get a Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time vibe from watching the video, especially when the player falls into a pit and rewinds time to avoid his futile battle with gravity.

It wasn't a winner, heck, it didn't even get an honourable mention. I doubt that'll stop Defrost from plugging away it, or whatever project they move onto next.

[Dream.Build.Play, via Armless Octopus]


    You looked at a video full of testing chambers filled with giant circular buttons that you press to open the door to the next chamber and didn't get the Portal reference...?

      I was looking for a Portal-like weapon, or something dimension-bending. I personally don't consider test chambers and round buttons to be uniquely "Portal".

      But that might have been taking the inspiration a little too far!

    The game looks like it's trying to be serious and stylish (well at least the trailer was) but the oversized head and cartoony run animation really ruin it.

    Considering you disagreed (quite rightfully) with the description, shouldn't there be a question mark after "Braid Meets Portal, But On Crack"?

    Anyway, the game looks okay, but also seems like you spend a heck of a long time on moving platforms doing nothing. I'd say that's a trick of the trailer, though :P

    That game looks completely boring. Stand on a bridge, change time, stand on a button...

    Dude needs to spent less time of graphics and more time of animation and interactions.

    I came here so excited and after watching the video I'm massively let down. Hyperbole FTL.

    What are you talking about regarding Windows 8? There has been no official announcement regarding XNA on the system and out of the two modes (Metro and Desktop) one already works in the preview release.

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