'PSN Pass' Confirmed For Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Access

As it did with Resistance 3, Sony plans to impose its "PSN Pass" on Uncharted 3, meaning multiplayer access to that game will be subject to a one-use code included with all retail copies. That's per Juan Jimeñez, Sony's software manager for Spain.

That means that used copies of Uncharted 3 aren't assured of including multiplayer access and, if their code is missing or has been used, it'll cost $US10 for someone to activate it the features

Online pass schemes, earlier implemented by Electronic Arts, THQ and others, are an indirect way for a publisher to get a cut of used sales, but they're more intended to incentivise buying new.

Interview with Juan Jimenez, Software Manager of Sony Spain [The Vault (Spanish) via Joystiq]


    Eh, in Australia you're a mug if you're buying a AAA game second hand around release - you can pick it up from the UK for half the cost of EB's "RRP - $5" pre-owned price.

      Yeah, It's generally about 50% cheaper from the UK. It's so much cheaper I don't really mind the whole wait two week part. As for the PSN pass, $10 isn't that bad. Considering Activision keeps asking $15 for map packs...

        That's USD$10. It'll be more than that here (regardless of exchange rate)

          Ridiculous prices is sometimes why I hate Australia.

            1. http://www.ozgameshop.com
            2. purchase games for epic prices
            3. ???
            4. PROFIT

              I think #3 is "Get 2 new release games for the RRP of 1"


                I'll happily wait a week or 2 to save up to 50%!

              Doesn't help you in buying an online pass from the PSN does it.

                I think the point is that the money you save by buying from ozgameshop will be more than enough to cover the cost of the online pass. Which is a moot point anyway since if you buy it there it'll be new so you won't have to buy the online pass anyway.

    thats a good place to look

    Don't see the issue. Buy it brand new, price is factored in. Buy it 2nd hand anywhere BUT EB and you're likely to get it at a decent price ;)

    I wonder if anyone knows the real reason EB is so expensive? And of course why people don't ever seem to price match anything...

      The reason is pretty simple - they pay that much because there are enough people willing to pay that much. No, I don't understand why, either.

        You pay that much for EB's extra customer satisfaction guarantee, show me any other retailer that does cash in hand refunds when you decide you don't like the game.

        The reality of the matter is that a LOT of people return the game within seven days claiming that they either finished it or didn't like it and then most of the time chuck it on a new game which then results in EB being unable to sell said game for full price as more often than not all enclosed game codes are used and if not are presumed to be any way to protect second hand sales.

        The amount of money lost on returns is rather high and cuts into each stores margins.

        Just for the record I am an EB employee, but I am hardly a die hard loyal one.

          So because EB has instituted a particularly stupid policy that's open to exploitation and abuse, that justifies them unfairly gouging the hell out of customers in the second hand market?


          if they cancelled the idiotic policy of their own making, they wouldn't "need" to do it, and create such a massive flow on problem.

            How are they "gouging" customers if you aren't forced to buy the game off them?

            Furthermore, how is it an "idiotic policy" if people actually use it?

            Listen here and learn, the market isn't only full of people looking for the cheapest possible no thrills services. I don't like their prices as much as the next person, buy bashing something just because you don't use it is pretty "idiotic".

          it is my understanding that the Australian government has high import TAX on electronics and software.

            The Aus govt has extremly high taxation on games being imported... Everyone gives EB games crap for being more expensive than JB, but the reality is, JB can AFFORD to bring their prices down because they still make a lot of money from TV's, Computer hardware, Apple Hardware, DVD's, Music etc. They and EB are paying exactly the same cost to distributors to buy the games, but if EB lowered their prices they wouldn't make a profit... The difference is, if I call up someone at EB to ask about a game, I'm more likely to get someone who actually knows what they're talking about and is helpful. At JB, I'll be put on hold and then talk to a tongue pierced, apathetic teenager who honestly doesn't give a shit.

      I ALWAYS ask my local EB to pricematch. Got Deus Ex during its first week for $59.95, and Gears 3 for $69.95 opening week.

      I never pay full price, and my local EB knows it. They also know that I'll take my money elsewhere if they don't match it.

        I don't even buy games from EB Games, because of that reason. They should already have their games at reasonable prices instead of waiting for a customer to ask for a price match. I buy most of my Games from Big W and Ozgameshop they usually have them $30-$60 cheaper than EB Games. I bought the gears of war 3 14months xbox live thing for $49.95 from Ozgameshop & EB games wanted $84.95 & it's just a piece of cardboard with a code on it & they charge an extra $35 wtf. I really want my EB Games to go into financial debt lol

      It's been said the prices are incredibly high, due to the lack of ability to bulk buy and have something else to accomodate for the "loss". If you look at big retailers such as Big W and JBhifi for instance, both are are to order large amounts of copies in, sell them at a reduced price (which would be a loss to them) but with so many other products, the revenue they get off that cancels each other out, also not to mention they can get sales on other products to, which is an even more benefit to them.

      EB and game on the other hand, don't have this versatility, and only sell games, thus limiting how low they can drop their prices and also being quite picky on price matching, as when they price match it is a loss to them, and too much loses is well bad for them. EB seem to try and counter that by securing deals with publishers, and constantly having "sales" to get people into their store. The demographic they are targeting with the "sales" works well enough for people to come back and spread the word, but not quite enough to get bargainers to get off the internet and into their store

    I'll probably just get it off eBay or Play-Asia for half the price.

      You'll buy a PSN pass off eBay, sure.

      This article isn't about the cost of a new copy of the game, its about having to purchase a PSN pass, from the PlayStation Store if you want to play online with a second hand copy.

    The begining of the end for a once great franchise.

    Anything that bites into the rediculous profits made by game retailers on used games gets my vote.

      Then game makers should force the retailers to give a cut of profits or withhold stock from them. Not force the added cost onto the consumer.

    Oh crud - I have my copy on order for an import.

    Will a US code work in Aus?

      Not usually, DLC is region restricted.

      Make a US account and it will. Once used just go back to your normal account.

        You don't know how these multiplayer passes work do you?

    Did sony learn nothing from the resistance 3 backlash and lack of sales.

    Ozgameshop all the way. I've saved literally hundreds of dollars in the last two months. Delivery is pretty fast too. Well worth the wait.

    Meh, i'm not fussed, I'm more than happy to pay the full price to get the game on the Day. That's how long i've been impatiently waiting for it to come... 31 Days left, baby!

    I don't mind the PSN pass thing, but I kind of wish they dropped the price by $15 and everyone who wanted multiplayer just had to buy the pass. I have no interest in ever playing the multiplayer part of the game.

    I think it would be fantastic from a user's point of view if you could pay for just single player, just multiplayer or a slightly discounted price if you buy both together.

    All those people that think they are not being affected because they will buy new, you are wrong because everyone gets affected by these passes. It means you are prevented from buying cheaper from overseas such as the US without having to make a US account to activate the pass. It also means you cannot lend your copy to a friend or family or borrow from a friend or family or rent the game and get the full expierence out of it. The passes benifit only the sellers and the makers of the game as they will sell the pases on the ps store and most people will have to buy from the retailers a psn credit card to be able to buy it online. Win win for everyone but the consumer.

    Eh I'll buy it from America, the mulitplayer was shitty anyway

    It doesn't bother me, I'm only going to play the singleplayer of Uncharted 3 anyway.

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