Quickflix Coming To PlayStation 3 In Australia

Quickflix Coming To PlayStation 3 In Australia
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The absence of Netflix for my Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 has always been a constant source of irritation for me, but we’ve just gotten word that Quickflix, essentially the Australian version of Netflix, has entered into agreement with Sony, allowing PS3 owners access to over 50,000 movies for streaming across the PlayStation Network, starting later this year.

“Having entered a streaming agreement for Sony Bravia in July we’re very excited to now extend the partnership to PlayStation via its game console platform,” said Chris Taylor,CEO of Quickflix.

“Over 1.3 million Australian consumers who own an internet connectable PlayStation 3 will have access to Quickflix’s on demand movie streaming service. This is a significant moment in the evolution of IPTV delivered entertainment in Australia and a major development for our company.”

The Quickflix library is pretty extensive, and provides a solid, more mainstream alternative to MUBI — Sony’s other independent movie service which launched earlier this year.

“This exciting agreement with Quickflix will further enhance PS3’s already strong entertainment on demand credentials across TV, games, music and now, an even larger range of movie options,” said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of SCEA.

Sony didn’t provide a precise date, but expects that the service will be up and running on the PlayStation 3 before the end of the year.

Just in time for me to never, ever watch Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull again as long as I live!


  • I used to have a quickflix account but I ended up cancelling it. If the pricing is just right I might be inclined to reactivate my account with them.

    ““Over 1.3 million Australian consumers who own an internet connectable PlayStation 3 ”

    Aren’t all PS3s “internet connectable”? Or am I missing something?

  • YAY, but why not call it the better named NetFlicks? Either way this is great, So how does it work, is it like bigpond movies where you rent the movie for 5.95 or is there a subscription for monthly use. Either way I will be signing up for this.

  • As long as bandwidth restrictions are the way they are in Australia, this is still a fair way away from being comparable. Regardless, it’s still a great start.

  • What are the prices like? If they’re as ridiculous as the prices they’re charging for movies on the PS Store then I’ll just stick to BluRay and DVD, I think.

  • Hi All – stay tuned. Our pricing will be announced very soon. The digital streaming service is not yet launched on any devices which is why it’s not promoted or visible on the quickflix.com.au site. Hope that helps. Ben Hammond, GM – Commercial Affairs Quickflix

    • Ah thanks Ben. I was looking at the packages on the site and wondering what (if any) streaming access would be included with each. Could you possibly give a rough estimate of a per month cost of just having streaming access?

  • It’s not going to mean much to me if they it is going to be like $5 per movie. I want a subscription base service with a flat fee and no more.

  • As long as Australia’s internet lags behind the rest of the developed world this won’t reach widespread adaptation.
    While I can stream 1080pm youtube videos fairly well on my connection, it’s not going to be as good as a dvd (or blu-ray) and sure as hell no where near as stable.

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