Rage, ATI And Battlefield 3 Beta Don’t Mix

Rage, ATI And Battlefield 3 Beta Don’t Mix

Is your PC version of Rage crashing to the desktop? Do you have an ATI graphics card? Bethesda’s Pete Hines tweets that a conflict between ATI’s Battlefield 3 beta drivers and Rage might be the cause. Time for a rollback!


  • Or you could just turn off OpenGL triple buffering in the drivers which is what causes the crashing, sure as shit doesn’t fix the heinous pop-in/tearing/framerate dips though.

  • Not that you would be missing out on much, the sad thing is that I pushed BF3 sales at work then played the beta and went awfully soft in my pants.

    Seriously though both MW3 and BF3 will be the most over rated games ever. Period.

    • do you even know what a beta is? if you love BF series you will know it will be good, just have to be patient. guaranteed to suck at launch and slowly improve. unfortunately kids these days want everything right now. bad company 1 suffered badly and turned out to be well worth the wait but no one noticed they were too busy playing MW1 which quite frankly wasn’t even close to being as good as BFBC1 IMO

      • I have all of them since 1942 and battlefield 3 seems to take some pretty obvious queues from Bad Company which does it absolutely no favors. Unfortunately kids these days never played the games that stood as predecessors to their watered down console counterparts and there for don’t know how good the series once was until they decided to take the quick and easy approach, which resulted in the load of tripe known as Bad Company and the MoH reboot’s multi player.

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