RAGE In A Cage - Community Event Wrap Up!

It's 11pm. The last attendee of the RAGE Community Event has left the building. People are packing up around me, but I'm still fighting jetlag — I've been up since 4.30am. Tracey says something along the line of "how nice it was to meet everyone", but it barely registers. Still, I couldn't agree more.

The RAGE event was an absolute blast. I got to see Thistler's iPhone game — which is awesome — I got to have an in-depth conversation about why I gave up on Oblivion after eight hours, and I got to meet Batguy's wife. Those were some of my highlights, but that was just the beginning.

Each winner of the RAGE competition got the chance to check out the game itself, which is looking just a little bit spiffing, but perhaps the highlight of the night was the competition which, predictably, was one by the almighty FatShady, with Batguy coming in a close second.

As I mentioned above, I had an absolutely great time and felt that the event was a rip roaring success. Hopefully we'll get the chance to do more of these events in the future!

It took me ages to work out how to make these things work

The rooms at the event were awesomely spooky. And dark. Which is why you can hardly see anything in this pic!

Lobo focuses on the game. I focus on his awesome hair.

Kotaku folk mingling. I think I was in the toilet or something when this was taken...

I'm trying to work out who this is - is it Dr What? (Help me out here!)

We managed to get top of the line Samsung TVs in for the event. My attempt to totally steal one was less successful.

I want to give a big thanks to everyone who came for making the event so much fun! Hope to catch up with you guys again soon.


    FatShady - the competition whisperer x_x;

      FatShady the haxxor more like. :p

    I am won?

      Hmm, that was supposed to be a Smashing Pumpkins themed spelling mistake correction in honour of the original Rage event articles. Ended up sounding like one of those lolcatz things.

    Last pic isn't Dr What, I'm pretty sure he was wearing something different that day!

      oh wait, you're referring to the pic above. In which case yes, I think it looks like What..

        At first I thought it was me, then I remembered that I don't wear glasses any more :)

        There is a subtle Aura of awesome there... wait... yes, yes that's me!

      Stalky stalky!

    I am sooo jealous - can you ask a game company to host an event when i'm in town?

    Also, what did the shadester win, exactly?

      Headphones, a controller, and a steelbook copy of the game if I remember right.

      A steelbox copy of Rage, an Xbox controller, a pair of wireless headphones, and a limited edition print.

      Might I humbly suggest that next time a mega pack like this is given away, that *some* of it gets given to second place? Won't help me, but it could help the next unlucky sap who misses out by a couple of seconds!

        Aww... almost made me feel guilty..ok did a little but im over it now!.. yeah agree that was sweet swag and perhap some runner up prizes should have been there.

        If it makes you feel any better, i gave the controller away to my god son and his brother.. im likely to give away the art work on TAY as im not into that stuff and wife would never let me put it anywhere... hey, you want that??? maybe i can organise a runner up prize myself. No promises as it may be insanely good, but otherwise i might hook a brother up!

        Also, the headset is awesome but it is messing with my wireless network so much i have to unplug it each time i turn it off or my PC and console lose their connection!!!! SUPER frustrating.

        Not a problem with the prize, just with the huge amount of wireless stuff i have. If i can't get that sorted out, then i may be looking for a new home for that too :(

          Hehe, the plan was to make Kotaku and/or the publishers feel guilty, not you :P

          I'm happy to take any piece of the prize that you don't want off your hands, because that feels like a consolation prize - but please, finding something else lying around to give me is just charity!!

    Needed more Serrels button popping.

      button pop needed lion roaring as well

    Thanks again for the night, guys. Great fun, without doubt the best of these events that I've ever been to. The friendly community and site staff really helped to enhance it, too.

    And thankfully the constant reminder of my defeat at FatShady's hands is being offset by the brownie points I get when you constantly compliment my wife :)

    If only Perth was closer! Sounded great.

    Thanks again guys! Great night. Glad there's no photos of me there, i was feeling kind of food poisoned (not from the event). I figured the wine would help. Nope.

    It was a real fun event as the others have said. I think the comp idea was a great one. Gave a common goal.

    i have actually been to a few of these pre release events and i will say that this was the best one. Good amount of people and a great venue. (hehe location was good too!)

    thanks for the great night all.

    Only downside was seeing Marks nipples on no less than 3 occasions.. but other than that it was fun...

    So very disappointed I couldn't make it, looked like an awesome evening.

    It truly was a great night. It was good to be able to put some faces to names that I see on here all the time. Thanks again to everyone involved

    Any streetpass hits??

      Jamie and I had ours with us, so we swapped hits, but that was it.

    It was such a blast. Thanks again Mark and the team!

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