RAGE Street Date Broken!

Street Dates - huh! Good lord y'all. What are they good for? Absolutely nothing.

So yes, another month another street date break. This time it's RAGE with EB apparently being first to sell and now JB Hifi and GAME following suit.

So if any of you guys have pre-orders and can't wait until tomorrow, this is the perfect time to pretend you're going to the toilet at work, then rushing headlong to your nearest store.


    Then rushing straight to the toilet when you see the "mega" textures the game is using.

    Apparently all the promotional material is being labelled as false advertising due to how poor the textures are looking at release

      What version are you referring to? I hear there's some pretty big issues with the PC port, but the 360 version looks the best (if you've got the hard drive space to install it, anyway - no idea how it's running off dics).

      Probably breaking street date so that people can't cancel their pre-orders once they start hearing how broken the PC version is, and underwhelming it is overall.

    *curses Ozgameshop*

      yeah i ordered from them too :\ and theres no word/mention of when it will be dispatched either... sigh.

      Oh well, Dark Souls 2 tomorrow! yay!

    "you sound like a karate movie!"

    Cant install till tomorrow anyway =/

    Still have to wait another 12hrs for steam to unlock it for PC. How nice. Maybe there will be definite fixes for the PC version in 12hrs?

    What if I don't have a preorder? can I just walk in and demand they give me a copy?

    You could try just asking rather than demanding, that might get you somewhere.

    I got my copy in front of me, Anarchy Edition. Sitting at my work desk though and another 4hrs till I get to leave.... (Sigh)

      Geez Maniacal,
      You don't look well... are you feeling ok buddy?

    I just picked up a lonesome Anarchy Edition from my local EB that didn't get pre-ordered. The wingstick is going to be so much fun.

    Wait so Rage is using steamworks? If I pick this up on my way home I still won't be able to play it?

      That's correct.

    Just use SKIDROW crack for PC, if you can play the game with all the buggyness it was released with.

      Can't even install it, steam doesn't allow it. Unless there's a way to bypass the steam installation and copy the files normally onto the computer, there's no point in even downloading a crack.

        If it has released in America you could find an American VPN service with a trial period that lasts a day or two. Run the VPN and install the game then play. If the VPN only lasts long enough to install it switch to Offline mode and then keep playing in Offline mode until it launches tomorrow.

        Can't remember the website for the VPN I used to use but there is one with a 7 day trial.

    Will pick up as soon as its cheap enough, was going to be day 1 (day zero?) but dont like the day 1 DLC idea.

    9 hours still for us steamy people.

    Thats 3 am (ish) in Sydney. Will be a long slow day at work tomorrow

    Most of the reviews I've read have been pretty damning. The arts technica review is like an autopsy on a plague corpse.


    Being a Dynasty Warriors fan I'm not that easily swayed by most reviews, but Rage is getting pretty bad ones, 8 hour campaign and dull structure, and with the competition for my meagre time at the moment I'll probably invest elsewhere.

      They damn it for a lot of the same reasons I heard people damning Borderlands at first. Don't get me wrong, they are COMPLETELY different games. I just tend to ignore reviews in most cases.

      Especially in cases like this where it seems like most reviewers are going into it expecting a Bethesda game instead of an iD game.

    Eagerly ventured to JB to pick up my copy. Only to get home, attempt to load it up - steam wont allow me to install due to it not being unlocked until the 6th rolls around in the US. Anti F*&king climax.

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