RAGE Treasure Hunt: Day Five

Feel like winning a copy of RAGE? We're giving away a copy of RAGE a day, and entering is easy!

Alright, here's how it's going to go - we're running a quick RAGE treasure hunt. Somewhere in a previous story about RAGE, I have posted this image in the comments...

Here's what you have to do - you must try and find this image. The first person to find the comment and post the permalink in the comments below wins the game!

Simple, right?

Now GO!

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Congrats to Adam Grabda who won yesterday!



      Well done mate!

      You deserved this one ;)

      wow i was not looking far back enough at all

      Well done - I thought I'd give it a try today, but you definitely deserved it after a week of trying.

      Though I might have beaten you if I'd remembered that it was day five, not day four, when I typed the URL :P

        Hahaha, ouch :P

        This was my last shot too. Missed out yesterday because I had to go out at 3:30, and tomorrow morning I fly up to the internetlessness of the Gold Coast. Best of luck for tomorrow!

      Ah! Congrats matey!



      FETH YEAH!!!

      Sorry i'm late on the congratulations!

      Awesome stuff, mate!


    That has got to be the only rage story i didnt have opened in my tabs...

    I was refreshing the front page and various kotaku articles... How the hell did you two get it so freaking quickly? I refreshed the front page, the treasure hunt was up, and there were already 2 freaking comments!

      the post goes up before the treasure hunt article does...

        But still, before the treasure hunt article went up, I was refreshing the front page every few seconds... Next thing I know the article is up, and already has 2 comments... MrTaco truely is a master of the internets.

    2 26 19 52 8 4 30 55 5 71 28 56 28 14 blank 17 9 6 1 35 17 6 9 6 18 6 6 27 56 5 3 2 1 43 39 16 33 102 5 29 2 blank 14 blank 113 8 4 4 1 11 5 blank blank...

    These numbers are burnt into my brain.

      Bahahahaha, I had to skip yesterday, so the numbers aren't quite burnt into my brain, but I know the feeling.

    Hey Mark,

    Is the next one going to be in the five year old post where Rage is officialy announced?

    Grats man, it's not a bad game.

    So hey, is the site borked for anyone else on an iPhone?

    Damn.. i thought this was only a once off.. i stopped paying attention after monday :(
    Will have to watch it like a hawk tomorrow

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