RAGE Treasure Hunt: Day Four

Feel like winning a copy of RAGE? We're giving away a copy of RAGE a day, and entering is easy!

Alright, here's how it's going to go - we're running a quick RAGE treasure hunt. Somewhere in a previous story about RAGE, I have posted this image in the comments...

Here's what you have to do - you must try and find this image. The first person to find the comment and post the permalink in the comments below wins the game!

Simple, right?

Now GO!

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Congrats to Hermes and Troth who won yesterday!



      well done, man - super reflexes haha

        Haha, had my method all worked out today :)

        Took me ages to find the post though, due to Mark posting it so late...

        Good luck to everyone tomorrow!

          yeah i spent the last hour looking through all the Rage posts.


      Damn it - there is litterally only seconds in it =(
      I like where you posted it tho Mark you sneaky devil

        hahah that was pretty bloody sneaky - Mark makes a great troll

          Tomorrow he will post the link after this thread goes up.

          You heard it here first.

            yeah i think that might be the case, or on a "comments page 2" or on a page with heaps of other links, or with a web address thats not a hyperlink (that one would suck)


      BOOHOOHOOooooooooooooo!!!!!!!! Stupid slow work internet Only seconds away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grats Adam!


    You are kidding me man... So fast!


    Aww man never thought to look in the Day one comp :( My own fault though haha


      i feel stupid for clicking the link...

        thats ok i clicked it too


    Every fricking day when this gets posted something happens at work where I have to stop searching!

    Maybe i should try to win one of these competitions. Surely my game would arrive faster than how damn long its taken ozgameshop to send me a copy. =P

      The Veruca Salt impulse is precisely the only thing that gets me to ever buy retail at the moment.

    Where's Taco? Man, I was hoping Taco would get it today but good work Adam!

      I was right here, refreshing away.

      But then it 3:30 and there was still no post, and I had to leave!


    Also, Hermes and Troth. I ... think I like it ;)


    B A M !!!

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