RAGE Treasure Hunt: Day Three

Feel like winning a copy of RAGE? We're giving away a copy of RAGE a day, and entering is easy!

Alright, here's how it's going to go - we're running a quick RAGE treasure hunt. Somewhere in a previous story about RAGE, I have posted this image in the comments...

Here's what you have to do - you must try and find this image. The first person to find the comment and post the permalink in the comments below wins the game!

Simple, right?

Now GO!

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Congrats to Chuloopa for winning the second copy yesterday!



      Congrats, mate :) lol

      Peeps gotta be quick!

        Cheers Loops, you're aaaalways there for me.

        Yes, quick and committed is indeed a requirement as well as to get that link found early!



      It's the bam, man!
      It even gets you in revers - just post the link tomorrow - nothing else! lol

        That's the plan. Also might try using the other computer, which is a little faster :P

          pay mexicans to do it for you... hundreds of them!

            If I could afford to pay Mexicans I wouldn't need to try and win games!



      Crikey, check out the trigger fingers!


      By the time I had loaded this page, after constantly refreshing for the last minute, Hermes and Thoth's post had already appeared. I was heartbroken. I feel your pain.

        I actually was F5ing a "page not found" on what I assumed the URL would be (yesterdays URL changing day-two to day-three)... it saved me that one click from the home page to here.

        True story.

          Hahaha I was considering doing that, but wasn't sure it was worth the risk :P

            You know for tomorrow Taco, now you just have to hope Mark doesn't troll gain a change it to rage-treasure-hunt-day-phwoar or something scary like that.

              Oh, now that is clever. Hats off to you good sir.

      I feel sorry for you, but there is a humorous side to this that is thoroughly in keeping with the name of the game.



    you shouldnt have typed those extra letters Taco! It's the key!

      I didn't even! They were sitting in my clipboard with the link, waiting to be posted! ;_;

        No wonder, so the link is posted ages before the topic is up. Congrats!

      I had my letters queued up, but chrome was simply not fast enough to keep up with you. I feel like this competition is living up to its name.

      Bahahahaha, so much time wasted.


    You guys must have Kotaku on constant refresh!

    What the? That other story loaded up with no Rage contest so I presumed it wasn't on again! Curses!

      Yeah, my heart skipped a beat when it popped up and I almost clicked on it.


      And taking up the rear...


          Lol damn, I know, was multitasking between work and frantically looking for that damn pic... didn't realize someone found it as i had the reply screen up... Must not get fired... Otherwise I'd have to start a charity fund and get Kotaku to raise money to fulfill my gaming hunger...

          ¶:Þ <-- Maybe this adorable smiley might score me a free copy of RAGE? PAY UP OR THE SMILEY GETS IT!

    Damn - Taco - Mate... 2nd for the 2nd day in a row... dude... Tomorrow you better deliver! i need to see you win! lol

    I bet that hour delay was intentional. Successful troll by Serrels.

      Serrels face is the actual image he linked to.

        I was imagining that he had a second image hidden somewhere else, and was just using this one as a troll one until the competition came up.

          Hahahaha, same! Almost went to search for any others, but didn't want to miss the kickoff.

            I set up a list with the first 5 pages of articles that come up when you search "RAGE" and wrote down the relevant number of comments, so the moment it changed I could check, so I was quickly checking through those in between every 5 minute mark.

              I don't know how many pages my list goes for, but basically the same thing.

              Except now I don't need it because I basically have the number sequence memorised.

    Screw this---------!

    I refreshed so many times that all the memory leaks slowly started to build up nearly tore my computer apart. Cracks started appearing, so I closed the main MSN window. Then they came back, so killed Skype. Back again, close MSN altogether. That video on the Training With The Pros thing was bugging me/making refreshes slow, so I adblocked it. Then it still eventually nearly killed itself, so I spent the agonising wait while Firefox closed itself, then opened.

    It's a very old installation, takes forever to shut down and start up. In the order of minutes :P


      Because he didn't post the image until 3:05.


    Well played Serrels!

    You do no however own my employer:

    - 1 hour of productivity
    - 150mb of data
    - 1 F5 key

      Haha, I was seething with so much RAGE that I can't even construct a proper sentence.

      "You do now owe my employer" ;)

      Wow. I just checked my own data usage, 175MB between 3 and 4. Wouldn't have thought it'd be so much.

      Though I guess when you're refreshing a webpage every ~4 seconds...

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