RAGE Treasure Hunt: Day Two

Feel like winning a copy of RAGE? We're giving away a copy of RAGE a day, and entering is easy!

Alright, here's how it's going to go - we're running a quick RAGE treasure hunt. Somewhere in a previous story about RAGE, I have posted this image in the comments...

Here's what you have to do - you must try and find this image. The first person to find the comment and post the permalink in the comments below wins the game!

Simple, right?

Now GO!

Terms and Conditions can be found here.

Congrats to Jordan2g for winning the first copy of the game on Friday!




      Congrats man... awesome win...


        HAHA thanks mate :)

          It actuially worked out REALLY well - i've been wanting to play this game quite a bit, but i wouldn't be able to afford any more games until a few weeks after we get back from sydney at the end of the month - so i'm stoked!

      1 minute!!! Geez. Well done Loops, well deserved!!





        But mostly laughing.

          I really hope you get it tomorrow now, mate lol

          I think what we've learned from this is that we should never, ever, type "bam". Ever.

            But you just did! :o

              But clearly I would never say bam, as it's a cursed word.

                Oh! He said it again!



      LOL - i was refreshing this page like a mo-fo - you have NO IDEA! :D

        Also, no use on blaming the bam - i said found! which is a longer word! LOL :P

        I have every idea - I was doing exactly the same :P

          LOL i think a few people were

          I was doing the same, but then I failed to find the right article anyway, because I'm awesome.





    C'mon top 3 should win right guys?

    Typical, my sister chose to call me back about the message I sent *right* when I least wanted anyone to bother me :P

      Work phone rang just before and i almost raged myself - i've never gotten someone off the phone so quick

    Do any of the super mod dudes have the power to see the post times down to the second? I wanna know how much of a photo finish it was :P


    Well, crap. So much for my chance.

    Why didn't this appear in the secret tag section. Darn you Serrels and your accursed trickery

      The power of the dark side of the force has corrupted him

        Those cookies were too much to pass up.

    Man, just imagine what this would be like if the comments all had to be moderated first like they used to be. Way too much suspense.

    You guys are just too fast! Aren't we all RAGEing now. I was expected the 3:00PM treasure hunt to begin at 1:00 my time. Damn you daylight savings! :)

    I'm still waiting for an email for wining the last one :\

      Contrary to what neo says, the emails start at the end of the promotion.

      What will generally happen is Mark will announce all the winner then ask them to send him an email or email them so he can send off everyones details at once and nothing gets lost - so don't be too worried :)

        ahh ok cool. I shall wait patiently for my email then haha

    Out of interest, do you get it on a particular platform or the one of your choice?

      It will be of your choice mate - Kotaku have never given out a game on a single platform, unless, of course, it's a single platform game.

    From the T&Cs:

    10. Each prize is valued at $99.95 RRP. The total prize pool is valued at $99.95 RRP.

    Just thought I'd point out the total prize pool value is a bit off or you bought one copy and duplicated the files.

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