RAGE Treasure Hunt

Feel like winning a copy of RAGE? Starting from today - we're giving away a copy of RAGE a day, and entering is easy!

Alright, here's how it's going to go - we're running a quick RAGE treasure hunt. Somewhere in a previous story about RAGE, I have posted this image in the comments...

Here's what you have to do - you must try and find this image. The first person to find the comment and post the permalink in the comments below wins the game!

Simple, right?

Now GO!

Terms and Conditions can be found here.


    The concept of trying to do this with my mobile browser almost scares my phone as much as trying to open TAY. Someone has probably already won by the time this gets published. Pre(post)-emptive well done to that person.


      Damn, nicely done.

        Personally I see that as a tie, you both should win! ;)

          I agree with this man wholeheartedly! Give him a copy as well for his kindness! (In my mind, this is how competitions work)

      So I assume I just wait for an email then ? :)

    http://www.kotaku.com.au/2011/10/time-to-preload-rage-on-steam/#comment-394139 bam?

      Oh, and Mark, the Terms and Conditions don't link to anything.

        Danny's fixing that now. The main thing to take from the TsNCs is that this comp is open to Australian residents only. :)

          Cheers Tracey, I gathered as such, but felt I should mention it just in case.

            They also say that people living in a territory instead of a real state aren't actually Australian citizens and are thus ineligible.

              H-uh, good thing I didn't win then. :P

                Also, as a point, I don't think "15am" is a real time, I know that it means 1500, or 3pm, but still, I feel like being picky.

      Wow both at 3:08 exactly lol.

        The worst part for me is that if I hadn't typed my "bam?" I might have beaten you. Bahahahaha, shows me for being a twat.

          Love this observation... also, sorry :P

          Haha, Danny said "Oh my god, they both got 3:08! What do we do?" and I pointed him to "Blaghman took the time to type BAM, which probably made his post come seconds later...so..." Collective lol ensued. Sorry Blaghmang.

            Bahahaha, according to the order they appeared in, he beat me fair and square, so hats off to the victor.

        Would've beaten you both if I didn't have to stop searching to help a lady with work stuff...damn gainful employment!


      I didn't see the permalink part. Dammit!


    Just found it and came back to discover I was too late.


    Also, Kotaku is going amazingly slow right now. Time to restart the browser.

    Oh, Mark. You so crazy.
    Also Scottish.





    am i doin it rite?

    what about a photoshop competition?

    i actually have a chance to win those :(

      How about a Blaghman lookalike contest, I have a chance at winning one of those. :P

      Then again, knowing my luck...

        I will grab that kid off the street that I saw who was like a mini-you!

        Charlie Chaplin came third in a Charlie Chaplin lookalike contest, so don't get your hopes up.

    Postin' to test out how my clock matches up with Kotaku's :P

    Speaking of winning things Mark, are you planning on doing the best reader reviews for the last few months soon? I'm hesitant to ask because then it looks like I expect to be among the winners and I'm being a bitch about it because GARGH WHERE ARE MY BLU RAYS, but that's seriously not the case - I'm just curious.

    Or did I just completely miss the posting?

      Speaking of which, I should probably check that Mark actually sent out my prize for Reader Reviews...

    Yo Mark,
    your comp's a bit too easy methinks. I just copied the image URL into the Kotaku search bar and the Rage on Steam article came up straight away.

    Unless it's meant to be a quick-draw competition in which case it's all good.

    ...unless that's the trick to the competition and I let the cat out of the bag already 0_0

      Oh wait, no it didn't. it brought up this article.
      Now don't I feel silly? :P

        I hope so.... specially as the comp's been over for 45 minutes :P

    Here is a idea for another comp... you know that video of mark ripping his shirt... the one that we have not seen!!!

    well, how bout you post it, then people have to send in their own videos of them doing the same.. the best one wins!!!

      i would enter this in a heart beat.

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