RAGE’s PC Version Has Been Updated, Might Be Better Now

RAGE’s PC Version Has Been Updated, Might Be Better Now

The PC launch of id’s anticipated shooter RAGE has been, well, a “Cluster!@#$”. And that’s in the developer’s words. Does a massive update released over the weekend help things?

It certainly helps help things. The update, which is out now, adds many of the hardware configuration options people were mystified weren’t there in the first place, like in-game settings for VSync and anisotropic filtering, along with the option to adjust the game’s use of a texture cache, which might alleviate the PC version’s biggest problem of textures popping in all the time.

I say might because even with this adjusted, I still got some pop-in, especially in the towns. The anisotropic options are nice though, since the game (like it has for just about everybody) underestimated my PC’s grunt and slid everything too low.

Sadly, my biggest technical problem with the game – the strange gulf in mouse sensitivity between the main game and the menu screens – hasn’t bee fixed.

Rage Updated [Steam]


  • Apart from the lack of graphic options and low res textures, Rage has run really well for me. I turned off the GPU Transcoding and the texture popping was no more. I also forced Vsync on and everything has been great. Right up until I hit the defibrillator quest bug and can no longer leave the hospital :-/ I hope they fixed that as well in the update. From what I have seen, many people have experienced this bug across all platforms.

  • The biggest problem I’ve had the whole time is the random mosiac textures everywhere, and even with the patch and new video drivers the problem is still there… I’ve tried so many different option configurations, the biggest change occured when I turned Catalyst A.I. back on, the textures were normal but the game was stuttering at about 1 second frame then 10 second pause over and over again… I think i give up…

  • My biggest grip is even with the beta nvidia drivers and the new update vsync enabled and everything set to high
    i still get a random across the top of the screen and the bottem of screen for a bout 5 minutes every 15 to 20 minutes.
    Oh and the fact that ID have gone meh we dont care about pc gamming consoles are more importent

  • Only been a very very minor improvement for me, still runs fine but still get texture pop/draws in the distance.

    • PC gamers haven’t change. Many devs, on the other hand, say the console their “leading platform”, or shove out half-assed products.

  • I can live with graphical glitches and popup.
    More distracting for me has been:

    -Giant guns taking up the 1/3 of the screen, why are the guns so damn huge

    -Ok, its the future things are grim, BUT every one still has the time and resources to have a perfectly groomed mowhawk.. what is with that

    -Consolitis of regening like some sort of vampire, Health packs, bandages,fruit ANYTHING is better than the terminator regeneration, that with quick save takes any real pressure out of the game

  • The texture flicker and display glitch when turning around ruins the whole atmosphere for this game, its like a festering hemorrhoid feature which just kills my whole gaming experience. Anyone who says oh deal with it, well f00k you, i will not deal with it, this is a big f’ing problem as no other shooter in the world has such an archaic texture display system. FIX THIS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD. I refuse to play any futher than 5 minutes of this game till they fix this bloody disgusting mistake.

  • Gave it another shot..
    I didn’t realize being stabbed in the face can be cured by using a defibrillator 😐 WTF who wrote this garbage.

  • Patch is ok – fixes a few problems and I like that I can have v-sync turned on now, but my major gripe with the game is id’s megatexture tech.

    Outside from a distance this game looks spectacular – get close to anything and I feel like I’m playing a 2001 PC title the textures are that low res.

    Also thanks for mentioning the mouse sensitivity problem Luke. I thought I was the only one suffering this. Suffice to say it’s damn annoying!

  • This game bores me, its almost as bad as Left 4 Dead 2 Australian cut.

    Point 1: My pistol can snipe from 100m with pinpoint accuracy.
    Point 2: Enemy behaviour is predictable, shoot helmet off, shoot head twice more, dead. Same every time, no different.
    Point 3: What is supposed to look like a pipe conduit graphic 2d image looks like a fuzzy piece of crap.

  • Well I think you will find Rage the greatest PC game ever.
    Assuming the last PC game you played was Doom 3, which is apparently the case for John Carmack etc.

  • I find the way some-one will be talking to you, and only get as far as the first sentance and then the voice drops out of the sound to be the most annoying thing.

    The flickering and pop ins are almost as annoying

  • still doesn’t run properly on my AMD system… still runs fine on my Intel/nVidia system (no pop in now though so it did do something)

    think i’m gonna buy it on 360 like i should of in the first place…

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