'Rare' PS2 Games Coming To The PlayStation Network

I've been dreaming for a while now of picking up a PS2 game I already own, putting it in my pS3 and having it work. Ever since my launch PS3 did that's been totally out of the question, so I guess I'll have to settle for the next best thing.

Sony has launched a new campaign called Only On PSN, which is looking to tout games exclusive to the PS3's online network. Featuring are indie games, Move games and, quietly, PS2 games as well.

Listed as "rare classic games", the initial selection, due for rollout in October, is certainly promising, as it not only includes gorgeous side-scroller Odin Sphere, but Capcom's brutal (and misunderstood) brawler God Hand as well.

Those two, along with GrimGrimoire, Maximo: Ghosts to Glory, and Ring of Red, will be available on October 4, with Sony promising the first Tuesday of every month will bring more.

UPDATE: The Only On PSN campaign has been revealed as a US-only affair. Not to worry, as Sony tells Eurogamer that most of the content, including the PS2 games, will still make their way to Europe as well.

Sony Pushes PSN Exclusives with 'Only On PSN' Program [IndustryGamers]


    so if i already own it on ps2 is it a free download on ps3? lol!

    Already owning a PS2 and 60GB PS3, I have no trouble playing my PS2 games, but this will open the floodgates for the majority of PS2 games on PSN.

    Although not confirmed, am hoping these will play on the Vita, as that would be another reason to double dip on some of the best titles.

    God Hand and Odin Sphere?

    Ugh... I'm getting dangerously close to owning every single console and handheld in this generation.

      Sadly, I'm waaaaay ahead of you.

      I own at least two of every console (including handhelds) that has come out this gen.

      The strange thing is, I consider myself a PC gamer more than anything.

        Why the hell would you own 2? Thats just completely stupid and puts your mental capacity waaaay behind his.

    Ever since my launch PS3 did that’s been totally out of the question

    Why is it totally out of the question? Your launch PS3 did, as you say, so why don't you use that?

    In any case, is this running via an emulator or have they had to totally re-do the game? Because if it's through an emulator (like the 360) then surely, if you already own the game, you should be able to download the emulator and play your game disc (again, like the 360). So people who already own the game don't have to buy it again.

    I wonder is they are coding over the ps2 games to work on the ps3 hardware (so limited release) or if they have found a way to emulate the ps2 on ps3 therefor a firmware upgrade to play ps2 games may be on the horizon???

      Hahahahahahadon't be silly :-P

      They want your money. Again.


    You might want to work on your own mental capacity before badly insulting others.
    Typical child response of using others words and turning them back on them as an insult, regardless of meaning or context.

    So they have the emulator working, but they are not going to just give that to us so we can play our ps2 games?

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