Red Dead Redemption Designer Now Making A Movie

And it's not Red Dead Redemption. Christian Cantamessa, who designed and co-wrote the wonderful Red Dead Redemption, is going Hollywood.

Cantamessa sold a script he co-wrote called Wake Cycle. According to Variety, the movie is set in an underground hyperbaric facility after a nuclear fallout. Every six months, two custodial workers can take care of the facility during a 90 minute period, or "wake cycle", during which fresh air is available.

Cantamessa, who has worked on titles like Manhunt and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, will direct the picture. This isn't his first cinematic effort.

In 2009, Cantamessa co-wrote and directed a short film called How I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse.

'Red Dead Redemption' Designer's Apocalypse [Bloody-Disgusting]


    Well it does sound generic but a bit different. At least this isn't a remake of an movie from the 1980s, or is it?

    Hollywood is so dry on new content its unbelievable, they are seriously lost and movies are getting so bad that Game stories are getting to the stage of being better than that in the movies. Uncharted was a better movie than any action adventure of the last few years and its not a movie.

    Sounds riveting


      Since when did people get so cynical?
      You just took judging a book by its cover to the next level. Sad.

        Okay, kind of wrote that in a cranky mood. Point is, your comment kind of makes you seem like "that guy". Y'know, the one acts all cynical for the sake of appearing all 'controversial' and 'edgy' -- criticising blindly without really having a point. Gets kind of tiresome sometimes.

      actually I can think of several directions it can go that would be really interesting.

      Hearing a basic setup synopsis of the movie "Moon" prolly wouldn't win over your average movie-go-er either, but it was an awesome movie.

    Would be interesting if I ever got to play Red Dead Redemption. Unfortunately, as there is no PC version, I never will :(

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