Remember This? [Final Update]

As crazy as this screenshot looks at first glance, I don't expect to have to update this one — I think you guys can get this! I believe in you. Can you guess the name of this game from just one screenshot?

Alright, here's the second part of the screenshot! Come at me!

Alright guys! Last chance...



      Exactly what I was gonna say!

        Well "The Dig" fits

          wow... Just wow lol

          Im wondering what ppl will say after The Dig actually gets a spot.

    Don't believe in yourself. Believe in Serrels who believes in you!

      His is the kilt that will pierce the heavens!

      Also, dangit Mark, "0" only has 5 dashes!

    Serrels. . . that's just evil.

    I think its the text input screen on the Atari XEGS

    Pong - rotated 90deg

      You sir win the interwebs today!

        Don't think it might be? Lines are too far part and not enough pixels wide. Awesome guess though. Lets see if it is...

          that's exactly what i was thinking - lines look all wrong

    Only because no one has done this yet (amazingly):

    The Line IV - The Dashening.

      I'd say based on the number of lines, it has to be The Line VI - The Hex Dash

        You're both close, but none-the-less wrong - look at the graphics - they're too simple for 4 or 6

        It's actully The Line III - Perforations of the Past

          You are all crazy, it is most definitely

          The Line II - A Cut Above the Rest

            You sure, man?

            I don't know... But one thing we can all agree on that nothing beats the orignal - The Line: Modern Borders

            I thought it was the 'retro' level from The Line XII: The end of The Line.

              No the retro level was blue - duh

              bask in my epic knowledge of classic games puny mortals, and behold- The Line King: Mufassa's Revenge

              No... what about Summer Games: The 100m Dash edition

    Could be the dotted line I'll have to sign on my employment termination for wasting too much time trying to remember this every day

    ...anyone else get the feeling we've seen this screenshot before?

    Kick off?

    I only ever played the amiga 500 version so I guess it could be from something else.

    But that's a good point I have never seen clarified.... are the rules for this contest that we need to get the correct platform also? or just the title?

    It's actually space invaders. There's a hidden level where you win, and sign a peace treaty.

    Soccer fields and tennis courts do not have dashed markings on them like that.

    Donkey Kong Lawn Bowls

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