Remember This? [UPDATED]

Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? Leave your answer in the comments! If no one gets it by 2pm then a clue will be posted. If no one gets it by 5pm then Mark and I will do a victory dance! If someone guesses it within the first three minutes then we curl up under our desks and cry.


    Definitely one of the Castlevania games, but I can't remember which. Think it was on the SNES.

      Yep! You got it outside of 3 minutes (and therefore no tears for myself or Mark) but before 5pm (so no victory dance for us, either). The game is Super Castlevania IV for the SNES.

      I'm going to go eat some "Yay they guessed it at 3:02pm" chocolate now.

        I still can't see where the first screenshot comes from on that box. Oh there it is, stupid crumbling rock is neither a 'e' nor an 'R'

        I even looked at castlevania box art (among others) but only in thumbnail view so I missed the staircase in that one

    castlevania 4?

      Should be a "Super" in front of it, but yeah, that's the one.

      Nice, I Googled a bunch of Castlevania covers 'cause I was sure that was it....forgot about Super 4 though!

    "That staircase needs railing"
    -an Occupational Health and Safety Game

      'Lucky he has that rope to hold on to OH NO IT'S NOT A ROPE IT'S A WHIP AAAAAAAAHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh.....'
      -a Don't Mistake Whips for Safety Ropes Game
      DLC Expansion
      Episode 1

    Heh, HolmCross got this before I actually started paint'ing. Congrats!

    Bugger, I was just playing that the other day too!

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