Remember This? [Update]

Can you remember this? Every day we take a small portion of a retro game and ask you to identify it. We've made it hard, because you guys are too good. If you guys are struggling, I'll post a second part of the screenshot in the afternoon.

Here's the second part of the screen...


    Kings Quest

    Gran turismo on playstation 1.

    No, star fox actually N64.

    Cloud simulator 1997

    Final Fantasy 8?

    For some reason Colin McRae Rally for the PS1 comes to mind.

    Looks like the background to a classic-era point and click adventure game. Something by lucasarts or Sierra/Dynamix.

    That being said, could also be from Crysis 1.

    I'm thinking a racing game of sort. Especially with forza and GT5 news this week.

    So racing game should cover it, right mark?

    Final Fantasy 8, looks more like Squall

    going to say one of the Need for Speeds

      good one!
      A racing game

      What about carmageddon, or test drive?

    This may sound weird, but is it Rollercoaster Tycoon 1 or 2?

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