Remember This? [Update]

I never know if I'm going too far with these things, or if I'm taking it too easy. But regardless - can you guess this game from one portion of a screenshot? Let us know in the comments below, and if you're struggling I'll post an update later in the afternoon.

The second part of the pic is...


    Tron of some sort?

    Was going to say Wrecking Crew...

    ...Then for some reason Ghostbusters came into my head

    ...then Spiderman

    Then I realised I haven't had a coffee yet

    I'll be back later

    Boulder Dash... probably on the C64?

    reminds me of Golden Axe from sega but im pretty sure its not.

    Alex Kid

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the old big floppy disk version.

    Alley Cat?

      <3 ALLEY CAT

      I am thrilled to know that other people remember Alley Cat! It was the greatest!

        Holy crap I just flashed back so damn hard it hurt..... hurt like not drinking Pepsi Max....

          why has alleycat not been remade on ios or android!!!!


              The next thing I thought after saying Alley Cat was the theme:

      Oh we should be so lucky. That was one of the very first games I ever played on PC!

      I totally forgot about that game!! Damn haunted broom..

    Double Dragon CGA?

    Captain Comic

      Loved this game

    Does anyone remember Zeliard? That was a brilliant game.

      Loved Zeliard, spent many days trying to work out the path through to the end.

      It was like a better version of Zelda 2.

      Never did manage to finish that game. Got a long way through but then one of the dungeons just kept getting me hopelessly lost =(

    nightmare on elm street....

    Blagger. For the C64.

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