Remember This? [FINAL UPDATE]

Do you remember the game from this segment of a screenshot? After a complaint from our publisher Danny that Mark and I keep featuring games from a certain console, we decided to switch things up a bit. Leave your answer in the comments and if no one gets it we'll post a clue!


    Is it the answer to yesterdays Remember This?

      Hey Yeah! What was yesterday's remember this?

        I think Lamboman had it right:

        Mark must have seen that someone guessed the truth and left in shame :)

      Cal guessed it on the first page, and Mark allowed everyone to keep on guessing, presumably due to his maniacal nature on the day.

    Sonic the Hedgehog on the Master System

    Oh God.

    Tracey is doing the Remember this, we're doomed.

    Is that one of the rank tabs from TIE Fighter?

      Yeah i was definately thinking it's a rank tab... but i was thinking more airborne ranger

        Perhaps instead of a rank tab, it could be a level progression tab? I'm thinking something like the bike race thing from the original battletoads (although I don't think this is from that).

    is it this?


    Elevator Action

    Another World

    Phantasy Star 2.

    Is it a star trek game?

    I know it's most likely wrong, but it reminds me of Wonder Boy III on the Megadrive.

    The Shadow?
    Streets of Rage?

    Zero Tolerance on mega drive?

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