Remember This?

It's box art Tuesday! Do you remember the game from this fragment of box art? Leave your answer in the comments! If no one gets the answer by 2pm I'll put up a clue. If no one gets it after that I might put up another clue! Oh man, this is great.


    Looks like a Metal Slug game perhaps? I'll guess Metal Slug 2.

      I was thinking the exact same thing

    Viewtiful Joe?!VJbox.jpg

      Yeah that's it.

      o_O WHAT!

      Oh man, and here I was thinking I was being awfully clever choosing Viewtiful Joe, and then someone guesses it in 12 minutes! Man. Maaaan.

      Nice work, Chazz! You win this round! *shakes fist*

        You picked something too easy to spot :P

        Especially with a cover like that. So much weird shit happening.

        Also, this is for you;

        Any you were going sooo well recently :P

          I suppose we can't all be masters of Remember This *all* the time. :P

        your mistake was showing the missile, ANYONE thats played Viewtiful Joe should recognize that instantly.

          I will strike back on Friday! One-pixel screenshot of The Dig!

            Nooooooo, I won't be here for THE WIN! :(

        I think you picked well, you picked the US Box art... which is different to the box art that made it out here...

        GC Pink -
        GC Yellow -
        PS2 -

        I wouldn't have picked it, seeing as I only have the PS2 version.

    If you've pixelated the ad, I'm guessing Bad Day LA.

    Haha I would have been way off trying to figure out what game from the 80's this is the box art for.
    Nice work Chazz :D

    Man, I spotted this one straight away but had already been beaten to it. =P

      Same, saw the front page... "hey viewtiful joe", click link... "too late" :(

    You can reverse image search it on google, and it brings back results lol.

    bit rushed today (colour and detail are overrated, right?), and only one source image, but:

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