Remember This?

Can you remember this game from one tiny segment of a screenshot? Of course you can. I think I may have made this one a little bit too easy. Don't think I'll need to go to a second screen for this one. Don't let me down folks!


    Gerrrrand Theft Auto!


    I'd say GTA2 - but i don't think you would make it that easy - would you?

    Actually it looks more like GTA1. Glen's got this one.

      oh yeh... looks like he may be right

    Yep Gta 1 for sure



    Feel free to pick any game from this list, Mark.

    Yeah, and this is my "work" computer.

      You bastard...

        Funny how MacOSX has the easiest to configure DOSBOX emulator out there.

          Funny how Windows PCs don't need an emulator to run those games :P

            Try running Duke 3D on a dual core or higher processor, and not the GOG version. Yeah.

    One glance at that screen cap and I had INXS stuck in my head. Good times......

    I thought it might be GTA-1.

    I'll be stoked if that's what it turns out to be.

    Man that game was fun.

      I remember deciding to steal an AC:Cobra... and then spending the next two hours running around looking for one.

      Good times.

    the digg

    I normally suck at these, but first glance I picked it as GTA1.

    Good on Glenn for not only guessing it first, but in style. GERRRRRRRRAAAAAND THEFT AUTO!!!

    lol..what a waste of time uploading that one.... if people dont get it they should be hanged, drawn and quartered.

    If it is GTA, why not reminisce about it?
    I remember learning how tough and fast fire trucks coud be one day when I was speeding across the map on one of the long, straight highways, gradually gaining speed with cops after me.
    Then the map ended, I ploughed into the buildings at the edge, engine started ticking and all the cop cars which had been chasing me single file ran straight into the back and exploded.
    Good times and my most memorable moment.

      Remember the broken bridge in Liberty City?

      Remember the location of that Beast GTS?

      Remember how you had to get a cop car to find the Tank?

      Remember selling vehicles for money, so you could afford that car bomb?

      Remember blowing the Cop Station up with the tanker filled with explosives?


      EL BURRO!?!?

        Remember TRYING to get to the police station before the tanker blew up??

        Yes, and learning to jump it

        First stop whenever I started the game

        Drive into the army base in any official car (cruiser, van, swat, secret agent or jeep) instant wanted level for maximum fun.

        Driving off the wharf a couple of times before you worked out you had to stop

        Then wondering if you could ddo it with other buildings and have buring people explode from the windows

        and YES!

        Dialing up a mates computer in telnet to play peer to peer co-op. Then drag racing.


        Wait Wait Wait... did you ever find the tank that actually had a WORKING GUN? you needed a motorcycle to get to that one...

          Did you ever find out that (In GTA3) the tank with the working gun was the fastest vehicle in the game? Turn the turret aft, keep firing and soon you were outrunning Banshees & Infernus' (Infernusses? Infernussi?) and able to do the hardest of stunt jumps in a freakin tank

        Jumping the broken bridge in a bus, because Speed.

      The awesome thing with the trucks is that they had more armour than the cars (or could take more damage than cars), so in a multiplayer chicken, the truck came out the (unexploded) victor 99% of the time.

    Anyone remember the RC cars? NEEEEEEEEE*BOOOOOOOM!*

      God the memories... like how cars usually exploded (or would be completely ruined) when they went off a tall gap. And the ruined car sound: CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG-CHUG. Or pissing off a friend who tried to run you over by constantly sliding over their car.
      Still listen to the awesome soundtrack today :)

    Mark hasn't confirmed it yet, so maybe it isn't GTA...

      Could be like the day of Kirbys dream land.

      He said he made it too easy, and he generally doesn't.
      Tracey does, but Mark hasn't for quite a while.

        Sounds like Lone Wolf is calling out Tracey lol.

    It's GTA. I'd recognize that road ANYWHERE. MAKE IT HARDER MARK!

    Grand Thef... oh screw you all!

    Because mark hasnt replied and no-ones said it, i'm going with gta: london 1961

    Hey Aruzo,I gotta warning for you from Bald Man Sonetti;Cross him again,I'll stick a gun up your ass and blow your fuckin' eyeballs out - Capiche?

    The lack of reply has me convinced it's not GTA at all, and we've all just been wallowing in our own crapulence.

    Are you guys sure that's a top down view of a road and not a side-scroller with abnormally regular platforms?

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